Umzi kaPhalo [House of Phalo]

House of Phalo The word Xhosa refers to a people and a language of South Africa. The Xhosa-speaking people are divided into a number of subgroups with their own distinct but related heritages. One of these subgroups is called Xhosa as well. The other main subgroups are the Bhaca, Bomvana, Mfengu, Mpondo, Mpondomise, Xesibe, and Thembu.

Unless otherwise stated, this article refers to all the Xhosa-speaking people. A long time ago, from a place called in the Luhlangeni mountains near the lost river Dadasi a Chief known only as Umnguni from the name of his people decided to emigrate South across the Ukhahlamba (Drakensburg) along the way he assimilated a lot of other smaller clanlets and moved down with them. His people had a centralized leadership system and had with them iron which would prove critical to their success.

On crossing the Drakensburg Mnguni suddenly found himself in conflict with the native clans and populations both of Nguni and Khoi descent that had settled in this new land. Through trade, intermarriage and conquest he managed to create a place for his people in this hostile new land. To the Khoi people these strange invaders were known as the Chobona because of how they greeted which was “Sawubona”.

Their most formidable foes were the San a group of hunter gathers. The San believed that their God had given all the animals in the world for them to hunt and this included the cattle of the Chobona. They hunted the herds of domesticated cattle until the Chobona got angry. This lead a bloody conflict that resulted in the crushing of the weaker San groups and the abduction of San and Khoi Khoi women and young men to serve as wives and warriors in Xhosa society. The San appalled at their greed and lack of generosity with their animals named these new tall and dark strangers the Xhosa: the angry men. This name stuck to Umnguni’s oldest son and he was known through the land as umXhosa the angriest of the Chobona.

As with most Nguni nations it was quite expected of royal sons when they came of age that they move away from their father’s house and start their own clan. The right of inheritance was not automatic as all royal sons had a right to claim the throne should they be strong enough to do so. The rules of succession were such that then son of the Great house had automatic right to the paramouncy.

As a Chief grew older his influence and wealth rose, and when he was strong enough he would seek alliance by marriage to one of the stronger clans. This youngest house because of her rank would be taken into the great house where she would bear the heir. So unlike the European and Asian model it was often the youngest son who was King provided he was strong enough to keep the throne. The oldest son would rule as Regent until the youngest brother came of age and when he was fit to take the throne the oldest would leave taking with him his followers but would have to pay tribute to his younger brother.

Xhosa as his people were moving and expanding begot Malangana who begot Nkosiyamntu. Nkosiyamntu had four children the Cirha, Tshawe, Jwara (oldest), Qwambi. When Nkosiyamntu died his Greathouse son Cirha naturally took over the role of chief. The only problem was that he was not a capable leader of men and his older sibling through a lot of political maneuvering Tshawe overthrew Cirha and took over throne with the support of his neighbouring Mpondomise allies amaRhudulu [Ngwevu] and he was the Paramount of all the Xhosa. He led the Xhosa to an expansive drive and swallowed up a large number of Nguni and Khoisan tribes in the region.

Tshawe had Ngcwangu who gave birth to Skhomo who gave birth to Togu in around 1686. Togu had three sons Ntinde who founded the amaNtinde tribe, Ketshe who founded the amaBhayi and Ngconde who was Paramount. Ngconde’s children were Hleke founder of the amaHleke, Mdange (~ 1736) of the imiDange Gando of the amaKwayi and Tshiwo (~1704) who was Paramount to all Xhosa speaking nations in the region. Tshiwo had three sons Phalo the Paramount, followed by Gwali founder of the amaGwali and Thiso. Phalo was the second son of Tshiwo but his older brother Gwali was from a junior wife and Phalo was in line for the throne. Tshiwo died the same year of Phalo’s birth so his uncle Mdange took over the reigns as regent. Gwali joined forces with Ntinde, chief of the AmaNtinde clan, to overthrow Phalo but was not successful. Phalo had troubles he was married to two women of similar rank and none of their fathers wanted their daughter to be a subordinate wife. To fix this problem an elder from the Jwara clan advised that the Oldest of the girls would be in the Great house and the youngest would be inducted into the Right Hand House. This meant that sons born to these women had the right to be Kings. The Great house though would have to be differed to and the right-hand house son would then migrate to form his own kingdom. This afforded greater expansion to the Xhosa and was followed by all kings who followed. The sons of Phalo were Langa, Gcaleka (Great House) and Rharhabe of the right hand house, Lutshaba (1730) and Nukwa. Through their rivalry they would lead to split of the Xhosa nation and set the stage for one of the dramas of Southern Africa. AmaMbalu Langa (1705 –1794) was the founder of the amaMbalu sub-group of the Xhosa nation and reigned as chief from 1740 until his death. Langa is known to have had two sons Nqeno (1759) and Thole. AmaGcaleka Gcaleka (1730-1792), he had 3 known sons Khauta, Velelo and Nqoko. He became paramount in 1775. Gcaleka tried to usurp his farther’s rule and interclan war broke out resulting in the Xhosa tribe to split into two major sub-groups, the Rharhabe and the Gcaleka. Khawuta 1761-1804 was the second Chief of the Gcaleka people, a sub-group of the Xhosa nation. Khawuta was the eldest son. Khawuta had 3 known sons, Bhurhu (1785) Hintsa 1789 and Malashe (1799). He became paramount chief of the Xhosas in 1792. Not much else is known about Khawuta other than peace reigned during his regime. Kwawuta died in 1804 near what is now Kentani in the Eastern Cape,other sources record 1794 and 1820as the years of death.

Nqoko 1730-1792 was a regent and 3rd paramont chief of the Gcaleka. Nqoko was the third son of Gcaleka and took over the Gcaleka when his oldest brother Chief Khawuta died in 1804 and served until 1820 when his nephew Hintsa took over. Nqoko died in 1792 Ama Rharhabe Rarabe ka Phalo (about 1722-1782) was the founder of the Rarabe sub-group of the Xhosa nation. Rarabe was the 2nd son of Phalo. Rarabe is known to have had at least two wifes. He had 9 sons from his first wife, Mlawu, Jalousa, Siko, Sigcawu, Cebo, Hlahla, Nzwane, Mnyaluza and Ntsusa and from his second wife Nojoli kaNdungwana of the Thembu he had two sons Ndlambe and Nukwa. Rarabe died near present day Dohne in the Eastern Cape Province.

The Civil WarAlthough Gcaleka was the rightful heir to Phalo’s kingdom, Rharhabe develop a reputation (and a large following) as a fearless warrior. Eventually, rivalry between the two brothers resulted in civil war. Rharhabe was defeated and forced to flee west of the Kei River. There, he established a kingdom among the Xhosa currently living there. Unfortunately, this region was heavily populated and Rharhabe’s arrival caused quite a bit of turmoil. Smaller clans defeated in battle were forced to settle elsewhere as Rharhabe sought to consolidate his power. Rharhabe and his heir, Mlawu, were both killed during this period, and control of the clan transferred to Mlawu’s son, Ngqika.

Although the clan took Ngqika’s name, he was too young to rule. As with Xhosa tradition, Rharhabe’s other son, Ndlambe, served as ruler until Ngqika matured. As second son, Ndlambe had title, but no real authority–as soon as he was old enough, Ngqika would take over. Nevertheless, he supervised a major expansion in the size and power of the clan (now called the Ngqika). By the late 1700s, this expansion resulted in the inevitable contact with the European settlers in Cape Colony.

Both the Africans and Europeans depended on cattle as the fundamental economic asset. Thus, both groups competed for the prime grazing lands located west of the Great Kei river. In addition to fighting over grazing lands, raiding parties on both sides stole cattle and other livestock. The number and severity of the conflicts increased rapidly. By 1779, the situation had deteriorated beyond repair. Over the next 25 years, three Xhosa wars broke out. While these were mainly border skirmishes, they did cause more distrust between the Xhosa and Europeans.

One noteworthy development during this period was the short-term alliances between Ndlambe and the Dutch settler (or Boers). In 1793, Ndlambe sought to defeat the remaining Xhosa clans west of the Kei River. This would make the Ngqika clan the paramount clan in the region and a major threat to their Gcaleka cousins to the east. This Second Frontier War was not much of a war at all. The Boers, eager to stop constant cattle raids, mounted a concerted attack and drove several smaller clans out of the lands west of the Groot-Vis River. There, Ndlambe waited with his armies and routed his fleeing cousins. 

The border situation might have died down, but for the fact that young Ngqika was now eighteen, and ready to assume the throne. Ndlambe, of course, was not so willing to give up power, so he appealed to the clan. When this didn’t work, he and his followers sought assistance from the Gcaleka, west of the Kei River. The Gcaleka, fearing the new Chief Ngqika would seek to rekindle and old rivalry, decided to support Ndlambe, and sent a small detachment to assist him and his followers. In a legendary battle, Ngqika defeated the force and took Ndlambe prisoner.

The plot thickened in 1795, when the British took control of the cape. Now an undisputed world power, the British colonial empire spread from South America to East India. They viewed their South African possessions the same way they viewed their other possessions–a resource to be mined. When the local population interfered with this endeavor, the population was unseated. They took this attitude to Ngqika with a suggestion that the Xhosa clans west of the Groot-Vis River relocate east to help resolve the border disputes. Ngqika happily agreed, knowing full well he had no authority over these groups. This is where the story becomes interesting and I will proceed to tell you more about the strife Ngqika between Ndlambe, the death of Hintsa and the greatest of all Xhosa Princes, Jongumsobomvu Maqoma kaNgqika and his younger brother the indecisive King Sandile. 

Geneology of Xhosa Chiefs and Kings

(1) amaGcaleka Note: Although the term amaGcaleka comes into use with Gcaleka a Phalo, the line from Ngconde a Togu is included to make sense of the genealogical connections.

Paramount chiefs (title Inkosi Enkhulu)  1695 – …. Ngconde a Togu …. 

1702 Tshiwo a Ngconde 1702 – 1736

Mdange a Ngconde (acting) 1736 – 1775

Phalo a Tshiwo (d. 1775) 1775 – 1792

Gcaleka a Phalo (b. c.1730 – d. 1792) 1792 – 1804

Khawuta a Gcaleka (b. c.1761 – d. 1804) 1804 – 1820

Nqoko a Gcaleka (acting) 1820 – 12 May 1835

Hintsa a Khawuta (b. 1789 – d. 1835) 19 May 1835 – Feb 1893

Sarhili a Hintsa (b. c.1810 – d. 1893) 1893 – 1902

Sigcawu a Sarhili (d. 1902) 1902 – 30 May 1921

Salukaphathwa Gwebinkumbi a Sigcawu (d. 1921) 1 Aug 1921 – 31 Dec 1923

Daliza a Sigcawu (acting) 31 Dec 1923 – 2 Jun 1933

Mpisekhaya Ngangomhlaba Sigcawu a Gwebinkumbi (d. 1933) 2 Jun 1933 – 9 Apr 1965

Bungeni Zwelidumile Sigcawu a Gwebinkumbi (b. 1906 – d. 1965) 1965 – 30 Dec 2005

Xolilizwe Mzikayise Sigcawu (b. 1926 – d. 2005) 27 Jan 2006 – Zwelonke Sigcawu (b. 1969?)

(2) amaMbalu Paramount chiefs (title Inkosi Enkhulu) 1740 – 1794

Ulanga a Phalo (b. c.1705 – d. 1794) 1794 – 1 Apr 1846

Ngqeno a Ulanga (b. c.1759 – d. 1846) 1846 – ….

Stockwe a Ngqeno

(3) amaRharhabe Paramount chiefs (title Inkosi Enkhulu) 1773 – 1782

Rharhabe a Phalo (b. c.1722 – d. 1782) 1782 – 1795

Ndlambe a Rharhabe (acting) (b. c.1740 – d. 1828) 1796 – 14 Nov 1829

Ngqika a Mlawu (b. c.1779 – d. 1829) 1829 – 1840

Maqoma Jongumsobomvu a Ngqika (d. 1873) (acting) 1840 – 29 May 1878

Sandile a Ngqika (b. 1819 – d. 1878) 1878 – ….

Edmund Gonya a Sandile 1932?

Fhaku a Gonya 1954? – 1970?

Archibald Velile a Fhaku (Archibald Sandile) 1995? –

Maxhob’ayakhawuleza Sandile a Mxolisi

(4) amaNdlambe Paramount chiefs (title Inkosi Enkhulu) …. – 10 Feb 1828

Ndlambe a Rharhabe (s.a.) Feb 1828 – 1858

Mhala a Ndlambe (b. 1800 – d. 1875)

(5) imiDushane kaNdlambe Paramount chiefs (title Inkosi Enkhulu) 1818 – May 1829

Mdushane a Ndlambe (b. 1780 – d. 1829) 1829 – 1834

Mqhayi a Ndlambe (acting) 1834 – 18..

Siyolo (acting) (d. 1879) 18.. – 11 Dec 1879

Siwani a Mdushane 1879 – 1900

Seyisi a Siwani (acting) 1900 – 22 Dec 1919

Menziwa a Siwani (d. 1919) 23 Dec 1919 – 10 Dec 1942

Gushiphela Siwani a Menziwa (d. 1942) 1 Feb 1943 – 30 Mar 1957

Nofikile a Ngongo (f)(acting) 30 Mar 1957 – Apr 1994

Zimlindile Payment Muyaka Siwani a Gushiphela (d. 1994) Jun 2001 –

Ngubesizwe Ludwe Siwani

(6) imiQhayi Paramount chiefs (title Inkosi Enkhulu) Feb 1828 – 1877

Mqhayi a Ndlambe 1877 – 1908

Jali a Mqhayi 1 Apr 1908 – 23 Feb 1941

Ramncwanaka a Jali 1 Sep 1942 – 8 Aug 1943

Enoch a Ramncwanaka 14 Feb 1944 – 5 Nov 1952

Bofolo a Ntonisi a Dondashe (acting) 20 Apr 1953 – 19..

Nonayithi Jali a Mthathi (f) (acting) 19.. –

Mabundu Bangelizwe Jali a Enoch

(7)  amaGasela Paramount chiefs (title Inkosi Enkhulu)…. – 1845 Gasela a Nukwa a Phalo 1845 – ….

Toyise a Gasela …. – 1908

Dom a Toyise 1908 – 2 Apr 1923

Khadeni a Dom 3 Apr 1923 – 22 Dec 1937

Nqabisile a Khadeni 14 Jan 1938 – 31 Mar 1945

Zwelinzima Gladstone Gwaxagwaxa a Khadeni 31 Mar 1945 – 8 Oct 1946

Gugile Toyise a Dyantyi (acting) 14 Feb 1947 – ….

Mabikhwe Zwelandile a Mzamo

(8)  amaGwali  Paramount chiefs (title Inkosi Enkhulu) 1702 – 1725 Gwali a Tshiwo 1725 – 17.. Titi a Gwali 17.. – ….

Kobela a Titi …. – ….

Mhade a Kobela …. – ….

Zweni a Mhade

(9) imiNdange Paramount chiefs (title Inkosi Enkhulu) 1720 – ….

Mdange a Ngconde …. – ….

Mahote a Mdange …. – ….

Jalamba a Mahote (acting) …. – ….

Dlodlu a Jalamba (acting) …. – ….

Nginza a Mahote …. – 181.

Bangela a Nginza 181. – 18..

Mantla a Mahote 18.. – Oct 1867

Botomani a Mantla 1867 – ….

Fandala a Botomani

(10) amaHleke  Paramount chiefs (title Inkosi Enkhulu) …. – ….

Hleke a Ngconde …. – ….

Mtshiza a Hleke …. – ….

Mangxa a Mtshiza …. – ….

Xili a Mangxa …. – 1818

Bini a Xili 1818 – 1825

Vasi a Mangxa (acting) 1825 – 1899 Jwara a Bini

(11) amaNtinde Paramount chiefs (title Inkosi Enkhulu) …. – ….

Ntinde a Togu …. – ….

Ngethani a Ntinde 1779?

Bange a Ngethani …. – ….

Cika a Bange …. – 1825

Tshatshu a Cika 1825 – 28 Feb 1868

Dyani a Tshatshu 1868 – 1885

Mthikrakra a Dyani 1885 – ….

Duku a Mthikrakra …. – 1906

Ziwengu a Duku 1906 – 1915 Rulership suspended 1915 – 11 Jun 1941

Mgcawezulu a Nonqane (acting to 1 Jul 1919) 1941 – 16 Sep 1946

Elizabeth Tshatshu (f)(acting) 16 Sep 1946 –

Zwelitsha a Mgcawezulu

(12) amaGqunukhwebe Paramount chiefs (title Inkosi Enkhulu) … – 1793

Tshaka a Tyakha 1793 – 3/7 Jan 1812

Cungwa a Tshaka 1812 – 1 Oct 1869

Phatho a Cungwa (deported 1858) 1 Oct 1869 – 14 Aug 1875

Kama a Cungwa 14 Aug 1875 – 1899

William Shaw a Kama

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      • Thanks Albertyn,

        The book “The House of Phalo” say’s this about AmaGqunukwebe:

        “…Another important event in Xhosa was the invasion of the Ngqosini clan. Gaba their leader, hoisted an elephants tail at the great place and indicated that he viewed himself as chief. Tshiwo was saved by only by the intervention of a councilor named Khwane. A widespread oral tradition that Khwane had been entrusted with witchcraft executions, but that instead of doing his duty, he had hidden the condemned (witches) people in a forest where they had intermarried with local Koi. At the critical moment when Tshiwo was on the brink of defeat, Khwane led his secret army into battle and saved the day. Tshiwo rewarded him by appointing him a chief in equal rank to amaTshawe, his people became known as the amaGqunukwebe, probably because of the large number of Khoi in their ranks”

        Thus when they praise themselves they call out Tshiwo all the way to Tshawe i.e.
        uChungwa, uTshaka,
        uTyaka, uKhwane,
        uTshiwo, uNgconde,
        uTogu, uSkhomo,
        uNgcwangu, uTshawe.

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    • Ndingumthembu I would like to know much about the root of amaDlomo.

    • Enye imbali ngoMaya njengundlu yasekunene kaNtande ibindlu ibixatyisiwe kakhulu isoloko ipha kwindlu enkulu njengabantu abanika ingcebiso .Kodwa ngexesha lika Kumkani Ngubengcuka Emgwali kwikomkhulu kwaqhambuka umlo omkhulu kwibhotwe kulapho amaMaya ahlaba iKumkani ngomkhonto ngenjongo zoxutha ubukhosi wabe ke ukumkani uyaphangalala .Kwathathwa isigqibo sokubethwa koMaya bahlanjwa babalekela Gcaleka yiyo kelonto nangoku ufumanisa Omaya bekwaGcaleka .Lonto kunanamhlanje zange yasonjululwa babuyiswe Omaya .Ikumkani emva kokuba ihlatyiwe zange ifune ukuphakanyiswa ngengubo ka Mthikrakra njendlalifa yakhe kuba wangekoluki,endaweni yoko wafuna ukuthathwa nguMnqanqeni indlu yasekunene lento yadala impixwano ngoba amaphakathi ayithiya igama lonto elitha ngiMnqanqeni utyunjiweyo,kukwesosithuba ke uMfazi ka Ngubengcuka uNnesi intombi kaFAKU wangenelela watyumba uMthikrakra njenge ndlalifa

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        Ndiyavuma senzeka esosiganeko sele usikhankanyile, emveni kwaso amaMaya aye asabela Enqadu, ukumkani Ngubengcuka akazange akhothame kwangoko waye waphinda wahlala phantsi nabaThembu ngenxa yokuba igazi liyajiya kunamzi wathi amaMaya mawabuye kwakho ecacisela abaThembu ngendima enkulu amaMaya ayidlalileyo ngaphakathi komkhulu, amaMaya amaninzi abuyela kwilizwe labaThembu kwakho, Maninzi, Komani, Lady Frere, Cofimvaba,Cala, Ngcobo, akwakho naseMtata naseMqanduli, kwaye kukho indawo ezinizi alawula kuzo kwelaba Thembu ndisitsho nje kukho nelali ekuthiwa kwaMaya eCofimvaba,

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      Ntombizakhe amaNgxongo azalwa yinkosi enkulu yabaThembu uMnguthi ezalwa kunye nomtakwabo uNtoyi ophuma kundlu nkulu kaMnguthi unyana kaCeduma…umtakubo Mngxongo uNtoyi uzala, uNtande, uNtande azale onyana ababini uNxeko kundlu nkulu, noMaya kumfazi wesibini “kwindlu esekunene”, uNxeko uzala uHlanga kundlu nkulu, uDlomo kwindlu esekunene, amawele uBalisa noNdungwane kwiqadi lwendlu enkulu, kodwa ke ngenxa yokohlulwa kukaHlanga nguDlomo ubukhosi bawela kuDlomo, uDlomo uzala uHala, uHala uzala uMadiba, uMadiba usisizukulwana sesihlanu kuNtoyi umtakubo Mngxongo. Kwa into yokuba utata wakho athathe intombi yakwa Madiba kwakungafanelekanga yenzekile lonto, kodwa ke kuba kudala isizwe sabaThembu sahamba safumana ingxaki yokuba xa onyana kufuneka bathathe abafazi babedla ngokuthatha intombi kwaBhaca kodwa onyana bangenwa ngumkhwa wokutshipha, kwabonwa ukuba makubekho izindlu ezithathelanayo kwalapha ebaThenjini ukunqanda umkhwa wokuphulukana nonyana. Lonto Leyo mntasekhaya isenziwa nangoku..ndiyathemba uphendulekile..

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      • Mna ke ndingomnye wama Ngxongo kodwa andizanga ndeva ngale mbali imnandi kangaka: Into endixakayo yeyoba kuthiwa singabasebukhosini kodwa
        (1) andizanga ndeva ngobukhosi bethu ebathenjini naphina.
        (2) uMnguthi yena ithini imbali yakhe de kuse ku Mthembu.
        Kulungile ukwazi ngemvelaphi yasizwe sakho ndithi phambili mawaba akuthi isizwe sethu sifuna abantu abanjengani.

        Makube chosi kube hele:

      • Mzimni Booi says:

        Ndikuva kakuhle mtakwethu. Mna ndinguMzimni kaBooi uMngxongo.Ndiyayiva lembali kule mpendulo uyinika uNtombizakhe. Mna ndiyakucela ukuba ukhe uhle nale kaMngxongo indlu. Ndiyakuva ngale ka Ntoyi nendlela azalana ngayo amaNgxongo noMadiba.

      • Vuyo says:

        Ngxatsho ke…. Ngawutsho ke, uMngxongo yena uzala bani? Kutheni inzala kaMngxongo inqabile nje imbali yayo? Nganincede Torho…..

      • Blayi bonginkosi says:

        Ndiyabulela kuwe bhuti thembelani ngokuva imbali kamgxongo ngoba into ebendingayithandi yile kuthwe singabatshana noxa ke ndisenomqweno wokwazi ukuba ngomphi omdala Umnguthi no Ntoyi Enkosi kwakhona bhuti isizwe esimyama sidinga abantu abanjengawe

      • Enye imbali ngoMaya njengundlu yasekunene kaNtande ibindlu ibixatyisiwe kakhulu isoloko ipha kwindlu enkulu njengabantu abanika ingcebiso .Kodwa ngexesha lika Kumkani Ngubengcuka Emgwali kwikomkhulu kwaqhambuka umlo omkhulu kwibhotwe kulapho amaMaya ahlaba iKumkani ngomkhonto ngenjongo zoxutha ubukhosi wabe ke ukumkani uyaphangalala .Kwathathwa isigqibo sokubethwa koMaya bahlanjwa babalekela Gcaleka yiyo kelonto nangoku ufumanisa Omaya bekwaGcaleka .Lonto kunanamhlanje zange yasonjululwa babuyiswe Omaya .Ikumkani emva kokuba ihlatyiwe zange ifune ukuphakanyiswa ngengubo ka Mthikrakra njendlalifa yakhe kuba wangekoluki,endaweni yoko wafuna ukuthathwa nguMnqanqeni indlu yasekunene lento yadala impixwano ngoba amaphakathi ayithiya igama lonto elitha ngiMnqanqeni utyunjiweyo,kukwesosithuba ke uMfazi ka Ngubengcuka uNnesi intombi kaFAKU wangenelela watyumba uMthikrakra njenge ndlalifa

  7. Siphamandla Mkhutyukelwa says:

    Please help me I want to know where oo Zibula, Mhlwane, Sgayela come from, umnombo wabo ngesiXhosa

    • Mboniselo Zibula says:

      Andinalwazi ngokunabileyo kodwa ithi imbali bangamaBhaca, bemnka kwaZulu. Akunyanzelekanga ke uba xa ubani elibhaca lonto ithetha kuthi ngumZulu by origin. Zange qha bafune ubaphantsi kombuso kaTshaka bemnke baBhaca bekhokelwe nguMdzikana.

      • Point of correction kuqala. Amabhaca or UMadzikane originally 4rm Swazini not KwaZulu.. KwaZuluufike wema khona ngenxa yokuba wacela kuyise ukuba ake ayobona ukuba kuphilwa kanjani kwezinye izizwe. Ufike uMadzikane wema phesheya komfula iTugela, yena noTshaka bohlulwa nguloMfula. Bebemane bencedisana ke xa kuliwa. In short, uthe uMadzikane esaskuba ebekwe ngokusesikweni ngutata wakhe ukuba abe yiKumkani yesizwe afike wasenza pha ebeme khona, waqala uTshaka wangamthandi, kulapho ke amhlasele khona coz uTshaka ebefuna uMadzikane abe phantsi kwakhe. Kulapho ke uMadzikane aye washiya khona walwa esiza kwelicala laseMzimkhulu. As a result uTshaka wafela phezu kwentaba iNtsizwa. Bendiya kukubalisela ke mntakwe2 ngokupheleleyo if besindawonye.

      • Zamikhaya says:

        Zanele intle into yokuba ubenolwazi olungaka ngamaBhaca. Kha uncede ke sisi undithumelele ireferences zakho. Uze uncede ke sisi ufunde nale ka B.W. Ntuli: ABASEMABHELENI (2014); Molema S.M. THE BANTU PAST AND PRESENT (1963); JH. SOGA : THE SOUTH EASTERN BANTU (1930) and others.These have been very much informative for me and I likepeoplewith suggestions rather than castigating them. This is the only way we can learn from each other – sharing knowledge and views rather than trying by allmeans toprove that one is right and the other one is wrong. You have a lot of knowledge and information and would like to learn from you about that history of amaBhaca whether they come from the three NGUNI lines – AMANGUNI -OQOBO, AMATEKELA-NGUNIOR THE NTUNGWA-NGUNIs.
        Uze ukhe ujonge ke nalento yeziBoundaries/borders simane sizibiyela ngazo kuba yenye into ephazamisayo xa kusenziwa lo mlando wezizizwe. Kaloku zazingekho ngala maxesha qha abantu besahlulwa yimiLambo neNtaba qha. Kungekho Swaziland, kwaZulu-Natal, Lesotho, Eastern Cape, Transkei, Mozambique, Zimbzbwe/Rhodesia (Indawo eyayihlalwa ngaKalanga namaLala. Bonke ababantu babehlala kuyo yonke leSouthern Africa. Nala maBhaca uthetha ngawo ayezalana (relatives) kwaye esalamana nabanye babantu okanye izindlu okanye izizwe. Makhe ndiphele apho hleze nam de ndiyiloze

      • Yho ndilihlwane nam yihlo umntu usuke acinge ukuba ndingumZulu xa ndithetha kanjalo,undincedile kuba bendingazi lendawo yamabhaca ukuba yona ihamba njani noxa nje ndisazi ukuba ndilibhaca,ndiyabulela Mhlwane ndakutsho ndizibonge kakhulu,Mnu L.Jikeka

      • ZK Zikali says:

        Ndiyabhotisa bantu, mntaka Mkosi, andazi noba ndikuva kakuhle na kule mvelaphi yamabhaca, uthi ukumkani uTshaka wabhubhela phezu kwentaba yeNtsizwa? kanye le ikufuphi ne-Mount Ayliff, kwelamaXesibe?

  8. anele says:

    I do not have a comment but a personal question, but before the question is it possible that you can create some sort of a family tree with links if someone needs more information so that it is easy to understand the defferent Xhosa houses.
    To my question, I am a Xhosa man, “ndinguMvulane, kodwa okusikwaze emva kakhulu sele uTata ondizalayo ejongenenokufa, akakwazanga ukusinceda kuba ekhule eyinkedama kwaye abantu abamkhulisayo esibaziyo bamfihlela imvelaphi yakhe kuba babengafuni azilande ngokomyolelo kanina wakhe ngokokutsho kwabo. Xasizifunela ulwazi kuthiwa singamaMvulane angooNelani kuphelele apho.Ngokoke ndicela undincede ngembali yamaMvulane, ngendimayawo esiXhoseni nendlela azithutha ngayo. Nokuba ooNelani aba baphi ngokokuhlala, kudala ndikhangela ndifunisa ndibuzisa ngelokufuna ukuzazi ndingaboniswa nto. Ngoku ndinabantwana bam endingekhe ndibafundise’nto kuba nam andazinto ngembali yam.

    • mfundo gomo says:

      Anele mna ndifuna ukuthi nje kuwe akhona amamvulane endiwaziyo,omnye wabo ngumfana endimaziyo……soluka ngonyaka omnye kumhlaba walapha ePearston…..uyakundifownela ukuba ufuna ukwazi more on 0846117826

  9. Lwazi says:

    Intle le mbali ityebile ndicela imbali yamamfengu okanye o Gcwanini oMiya

    • Zolani says:

      ooMiya ngooGcwanini, Sibewu, Salakulandelwa, Mja, Mancoba, Vezi, Mandeluhlwini, Sijekula, Makaluza, Malebomvu, Saliwa. Abantu ke abaza kwaXhosa ngokumfengu bedudulwa ngu Shaka baze bazifumanela ukuphumla apha kwaXhosa.

      • HI,
        Zolani, my name is Matiwane Mbola ,i need your help about my tribe that is Amangwane ka Zikote ,Kunene and HLungwane.or give your cell number to contact you.

        ME Mbola(076 739 1553)

  10. nomihlali FENI says:

    khandixelele ngalama togu athi xa ezithutha ngoo TOGU..OOJIMOMNYAMA OHAMBA NENJA ZAKHE

  11. gcobisa swelindawo says:

    Imbali yamambalu ifumaneka phi yona?

  12. sibusiso says:

    ikosi zamaxhosa

  13. sisonwabiso says:

    this z very interesting…thnk u so much 4 such history…am deeply touched by this…nd ts interesting to know that our actual clans were the names of people…by the way ndinguDlamini esikatata uMaMbamba esakulo mama….great work…

    • Norma Jikijela says:

      Sisonwabiso ndincede bhuti uzithuthe, ndinguMaDlamini qha ke kudala ndifuna umntu onokundichazela uba ooZizi aba xa bezithutha bazithutha bowuma phi, ndincede torhwana

  14. Kululwa Maqokolo says:

    Khawundincede undifunele isiduko sika Mlungwana uGubanca,Bala lenkomo Nxurhebe uBhalel’ esendeni ngenxa yokuswelamaphepha, andikwazi kugqitha kuthwa singamaMpondo.

  15. Pamella says:

    Lumnandi ulwimi lwesixhosa. ndicela umnombo wamanqarhwane.

    • AmaNqarhwane asuka kuma Gqunukwebe. A brief about imvelaphi yamaGqunukwebe from above

      “…Another important event in Xhosa was the invasion of the Ngqosini clan. Gaba their leader, hoisted an elephants tail at the great place and indicated that he viewed himself as chief. Tshiwo was saved by only by the intervention of a councilor named Khwane. A widespread oral tradition that Khwane had been entrusted with witchcraft executions, but that instead of doing his duty, he had hidden the condemned (witches) people in a forest where they had intermarried with local Koi. At the critical moment when Tshiwo was on the brink of defeat, Khwane led his secret army into battle and saved the day. Tshiwo rewarded him by appointing him a chief in equal rank to amaTshawe, his people became known as the amaGqunukwebe, probably because of the large number of Khoi in their ranks”

      • says:

        Khawunebe kancinci Mnumzana ngamagqunukwebe.
        Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

      • Nwabisa Madosi says:

        Yaze yamnandi lenkcazelo namaGquukhwebe.Mna ndinguMamTshonyane,othi xa zinqula nguChungwa,Chungwa ophuma kuKhwane,uMgqunukhwebe

  16. Velelo Shaun Lukhanyo says:


    Ndiyabhotisa nam kule nkundla.

    Ngumnombo wam kelo uwuchubayo apha; nto nje uqhawuka phaa kuGcaleka kaPhalo. Mna ke ndihlela kumnombo kaVelelo kaGcaleka kaPhalo yena owayeyinkulu yaseKunene hayi kuNdlunkulu, kuNdlunkulu inkulu wayinguKhawuta . Akunakundinceda ke ngoludaba?

    Nanzi inkcukacha zam:, ukuba unento onayo ngalo mnombo, nokuba unolwazi ngawo okanye ingxelo onokuba luncedo kum, ndiyacela undibhalele.

    Mhle kakhulu umsebenzi wakho, uyancomeka.


  17. yongama zide says:

    mna ndizalwa yintombi yakwadlamini ukuba leliphi ke andazi ndizalwa ngutata udeyi ndifuna ukwazi ngomnombo wam asisenabo abantu abadala bosibalisela ndovuyiswa luncedolwenu enkosi

  18. Sir , i need your help PLEASE. can you assist me with Amangwane History under Mbola or call me at number 0767391553 014 5913805

  19. Zolani says:

    kwa igama eli maMfengu ithetha ukuthi ngabantu abze kwaXhosa ngokumfenguza. Originally baze kwa Xhosa ngokumfenguza (beggars). Abanye babo badudulaw ngu Shaka babalekela kwa Xhosa. Abaninzi babo bafumaneka ko Mzimkhulu.

  20. Ntobeko says:

    Need information on the Xhosa nation history

  21. Zukisani says:

    Mna ndinguZukisani wakwa Ntetha ifani ndicela ukwazi Ngamazangwa ookhwalo ncuthu mlanjana osohobese ndiphela apho ukuzthutha mna, wonke umntu endake ndambuza uphelela apha kulendawo ndiphele kuyo

    • hamakind says:

      Ndiyabhotisa Bahlobo Bam,
      Mna ndingu Mzangwa, uNcuthu, uSohobese, uMlanjana, u Nkume,uKhwalo ndiphelele apho. Ndikhe ndafunda kwelihlelo umntu othile esongeza ngezizinqulo zilandelayo;
      Ngela kunye no Gcaleka. Ndingavuya ukuba ndinokuncedakala ngokuba ndiyathanda kakhulu ukuzazi apho ndizalwa khona.

      Umama ondizalayo yena isiduko sakhe nguMamtshawe,, uPhalo,uTogu,uNgconde, uKhawuta, Mdange, uTshiwo. Ndisaphelele apho kwicala lakulomama, kodwa ikhona indawo ewakhankanyayo amaGcaleka. Ndiyacela umntu andicombulele nam lenkinga.

      Mandikhe ndisithele ndakube ndikulandele.
      Ndonwabile Maki

  22. sinovuyo says:

    I would like to know about the giqwa clan

  23. Mboniselo Zibula says:

    Bhotani maXhosa amahle!
    Ndinombuzo, ingaba inyanisekile intetho ethi uTshawe wathatha ubukhosi okanye ubukumnkani bukaCirha okanye bubuxoki njee. Khaniphendule, mna andiyiqondi yonke lento. Ubakunjalo kwaze kwathini ke uCirha angasoze abeyiyo ne chief or usibonda kanti unembali? Andiqondi bunyani mna tu kulento.

    • @Mboniselo Zibula
      Funda, kwalapha kule Blog, AmaMpondomise. Nalapha ndiyatsho nje yhini ubuza into iphamb kwakho. Okanye ukhangele incwadi eGama “Umzi ka Phalo”. Mna ndizame ushwankathela apha.

      uCirha was stripped of any and every royal rank (that means Xhosa monarchy, Chieftenship etc). UCirha, uJwarha, uTshawe, no Qwambi are brothers and are among the oldest clans apha kwaXhosa

    • Mhlwane hoya ezakowenu izinto izakuxabanisa lonto

      • B.Mqwambi says:

        Zamile kucacile ukuba uMqwambe akanabukhosi uzalwa nje yinkosi meaning uphuma ebukhosini ngendlela endiva ngayo qha kengoku andazi ke ukuba umnombo wakhe ngowuphi tu kudala ndisenza a research ngawo ndincamile ngoku

  24. Sizwe Nqwili says:

    I would like to take this opportunity you have done to teach us Xhosa speaking imvelaphi yethu because a tree without roots angeke sikwazi tu ukhula keep up the good work the youth of today they have no idea bana umXhosa yintoni uvelaphi nokwehlukana kwezindlu zakwaXhosa.

  25. Nobuntu Mshicileli says:

    Molweni Bethuna mna Ndingumamtshawe, umdange Ka Tshiwo, umzukulwane kaPhalo, khawuta,iNkosazana. Kwekhu ndiyabulela kumbali, ndiyakhala inyembezi zovuyo. Nangamso! Kazba Kwawu ba yintoni ngentsana zethu xa inqabe kangaka imvelaphi yethu kwanama Bali ethu mzontsundu.

  26. Meluxolo says:

    ndicela imvelaphi yoo bhayi bantakwethu.

    • Atang says:

      Molo bhayi ketsha msuthu gwaca nyoka emnyama gobhozi
      Vundle awuzuyifumana iphendula kubha abayazi ivelaphi yobhayi. Amavundle,amamfene, omaduna zonke ezozizwe zisuka elisotho. Amavundle aphuma kubafokeng ba mmotloa. Amamfene aphuma ku batoung

      • molo mabhayi ngu lwandile hlati ithola leduna amavundleni e cacadu .zesibambani besotho.mna ndungu bhayi ukhetshe umeva mhlope,bhayi cash no depoit

      • lwanda says:

        Nam ndivmelana nawe xawusithi siphuma eLusuthu kumhlaba kakuthiwa Ntsoana-Tsatsi apho sasizi Kumkani khona kwangenela amalawu nezinye ezizwe zaba kwena saphulukana nobuKumkani bethu,ahla ke ayongena ebathenjini apho abanobukhosi khona .AmaVundle aye ohlukana ke apha kwakhona izindlu zakwaBhayi, AmaKhumpheni,AmaVulane ,AmaThuse kanye Nama Ngqosini lana yindlu yakwa Bhayi.

        Amanye ayoku ngene eswazini apho bathi ngo Sokhulu(Iziduko zamaHlubi). Mna Ndingu Vundle sayo kungena ebathenjini eCacadu.
        Cela uvule le link .
        Amavundle amahle amanyama njenge nyoka ekumlambo egqili apho xaniwela nisingisa Kwihlathi elimnyama lase Camsholo ,nafika nangawula ubulawu ngeZembe Bhayi Kakhetshe ,Izinto ezinga phathwa ngoba zinkosi ngokwazo oGwaca .

  27. Mboniselo Zibula says:

    mna ndazi lento ndiyibonayo kuphela andinabo ubuchule nobucukubhede bento endingayaziyo, neencwadi eziwena ziyaxoka ngoba zibhalwa kutshanje. Andihambelani gqitha nazo, ngamanye amaxesha ziyalahlekisa.

    • Nahomba says:

      @Mboniselo Zibula
      Well, with that logic you should not read any history at all. If you dispute something before you have any real facts (knowledge) to back up your claim is illiterate to Me.
      ALL history is debatable in its factuality.
      Perhaps you can advise i.e. research and correct the “lies” and comedy in our history? Or provide evidence that “fact a,b,c” is false and “fact x, y, z” is true etc.
      Don’t just present a “problem” be part of the solution. Because even your question is undeveloped, I mean if uCirha was stripped off any authority then it means he would have no authority, i.e. to be chief or village leader(or whatever “isbonda” is in English). I mean amaKwayi were expelled by uTshiwo from amaTshawe and inherently expelled from any Xhosa royal rank (or status) even to this day, that is what happened to Cirha.

      • Ndumiso says:

        Ndabhotisa nam.
        Ndingu Ndumiso elenkobe ingu Dlubom ifani yam.Ndingu Gatyeni undondela umamali uMnywabe unkomoz’bomvu nenkunzi yazo unduleni uNgxingxi ungwenya usnatha untsabo… Ndizalwa ngu Mveshumi yena ozalwa ngu Tutu,Tutu yena uzalwa ngu Dlubom, uDlubom yena uZalwa ngu Saliwa…

        Ndiyavuya xa ndibona into entle ethethwa apha nam ndivele ndanomdla wokwazi ngomnombo wamanywabe…ndiva kusithiwa uSaliwa wayeyinkosi kodwa andimboni kwezi zibaliwe kumzi ka Ndiyavuya xa ndibona into entle ethethwa apha nam ndivele ndanomdla wokwazi ngomnomboNdiyavuya xa ndibona into entle ethethwa apha nam ndivele ndanomdla wokwazi ngomnombo wamanywabe…ndiva kusithiwa uSaliwa wayeyinkosi kodwa andimboni kwezi zibaliwe kumzi ka Ndiyavuya xa ndibona into entle ethethwa apha nam ndivele ndanomdla wokwazi ngomnombo

      • Bongile says:

        Molweni ekhaya ndingumkwayi man ndicelukwa ngempi phakathi ko gando no tshiwo yayintoni unobangela

  28. loyiso Nkosibomvu says:

    Thank you for the efford you are making to inform us about who we are and where we come from

  29. Ndumiso says:

    I would love to know more about Gatyeni and their dd they end up in Cofimvaba,who was leading them through the wars and lastly i believed dat Saliwa was buried wth his weapons even though they escavated nd took them…..pls if you know any place that i can go to for help,let me know

    My number is 0785203465

    • busisiwe says:

      Gatyeni ,ndondela ,mamali nkomoz’bomvu ,zimnyama zanikwa bathembu ,nam ndicela impendulo ngomnombo wondondela.

  30. Phumlani says:

    This has give me a grateful interest bt jst want to knw deep about amazangwa ,ncuthu mlanjana sohobesa nkuma

  31. Mbulelo Linda says:

    Mhlekazi obalulekileyo, ndicela undibanisele imbali yamaMbalu kwelicala yendlu enkulu yaka Chief Nqeno

  32. victor krishe says:

    According 2 my understanding uMadzikane was named nguShaka with a swahili word Madzikane which means 2 stab with a spear igama lakhe lokuzalwa nguGobiswana,He has nothing 2 do namaNgwane,uMadzikane ebekhokhele imiJoli kaVebi umninawa kaGumede bobabini bebezalwa nguZulu kaNtombela,uMadzikane noShaka bebencedisana kuba bebengamaZulu bedibene namaQwabe kaNqetho uMadzikane wanyolukela ubukhosi ukuze achithwe nguShaka,uMatiwane kaMasumpa nguye inkosi yamaNgwane le yachithwa ngose ihlasele amaHlubi ngo1818 phantsi kukakumkani uMthimkhulu uMthimkhulu khange avane noZulu kaMafu inyangi ngenkomo ndiyama apho bendisahlula uGobiswana known as uMadzikane noMatiwane kaMasumpa abantu balahlekiswa nguTiyo Soga kwincwadi yakhe ethi intlalo kaXhosa,amaGqunukhwebe alandwa kuDebe owayezalwa nguNdlambe

  33. Mzwandile Mnyombolo says:

    What a useful and informative book . How I wish that those who really want information about their origins , should read this book . I have not read all its content , but I am very impressed with the information received thus far . For anyone who wants to know his / her origins , this is a book to read .

  34. Vuyolwethu Dyani says:

    Can you please guys email me a detailed information about uMgxongo(nstundu) and try to related with the issue of aMadlomo together with my surname Dyani or help me with a website ..thanks

  35. Vuyisa Magqaza says:

    if you are telling a story about Nguni, I think the story should have Zulu us He’s other sun for Nguni and from a book I read in school Gcaleka and Ngqika were Brothers no cousins. Can I ask a question? should amaGiqwa not fall into your story if you are talking about Xhosa’s?

  36. Vezi says:

    Andiyiva ncam le yoMiya into oyithethayo….

  37. Phunyezwa says:

    Nam ndiyazibulisela bantu bakuthi, ndinguPhunyezwa igama. Ndibulele ngengxelo enika umdla kangaka. Mna ndingumaMntlane, Phalo, Dinga, Nqabashe, Tshiwo, Khawuta ndiphela apha xa ndizithutha. Kodwa bendicela umntu onondityebisela ngokuphangaleleyo malunga namaNtlane, okanye nokuzithutha ngokuphangaleleyo..

    Ndizalwa yintombi yakwaNyawuza, Faku njalo njalo.

    Ndiyazingca kakhulu ngobu Xhosa bam.

  38. lucaslwezile says:

    molweni apha kwaxhosa!
    Bantu abakhulu ndifuna nindixelele ukuba avelaphi lamangxongo sele emaninsi kangaka nje?
    Kuba mna ndilingxongo,untsundu,velebembhentsele,uyem yem,ngubengcuka,sophitsho,bomvu,ozondwazintshaba zingenakumenzanto….!(azipheleli apha)
    ke ngoku ndifuna ukwazi indlu yamangxongo apho iqalakhona,thina ekhaya emangxongweni kuthwa sasuka ekoloni imvelaphi yethu sade sayofika elesotho nakhona agcwele amaxhosa kuyabonala kudala afika khona,nasemampondweni akhona,namahlubi akhona,namazulu kakade akhona kuyoyonke lemix iziduko ke ngoku ndifuna ukwazi indlu ke ngoku ndifuna ukwazi indlu yamangxongo apho iqalakhona,thina ekhaya emangxongweni kuthwa sasuka ekoloni imvelaphi yethu sade sayofika elesotho nakhona agcwele amaxhosa kuyabonala kudala afika khona,nasemampondweni akhona,namahlubi akhona,namazulu kakade akhona kuyoyonke lemix iziduko ke ngoku ndifuna ukwazi indlu yamangx

  39. mboniselo zibula says:

    khake nitsho ke maXhos’amhle enikwaziyo ngembali yamaNkomo, ooMntungwa, Masikane

    • somlibo says:

      AmaNkomo ngamaHlubi azalwa nguYengwayo ayazalana kunye namaKhumalo ngabeNtungwa bonke.

      Nkomo Mntungwa Yengwayo Ngubeni Golela
      Ngwadi, Zuba, iNkumbuzo zika Magajana, Mdima ooMalinga ngokulinga iinkomo zamadoda. Maposa
      kubusa abakwa dlundlulu kwabenzindlwana. Nina mahlewula ntaba anqotyokazana asekhabo Nqobokazi. Ukuba amaNkom’angathewuki ngaphezulu uDlomo ng’esahlezi eNxokotyeni. Into ezapheka inkomo ngonopotyi kwathiwa ngoMalinga. Mrhaberhu, Gilani, Sqwabane Nkundlande, Mahlabezulu ngokuhlaba impi kaZulu ngezantsi eNxokotyeni. Nina beNtungwa abambulazi abadl’umntu bemyenga ngendaba.
      Abaphakel’umyeni edangaleni ngoba benqen’ukuded’amabele.

    • somlibo says:

      AmaNkomo ngamaHlubi bukho ubuhlobo kunye namaKhumalo

      Nkomo Mntungwa Yengwayo Ngubeni Golela
      Ngwadi, Zuba, iNkumbuzo zika Magajana, Mdima ooMalinga ngokulinga iinkomo zamadoda. Maposa kubusa abakwa dlundlulu kwabenzindlwana. Nina mahlewula ntaba anqotyokazana asekhabo Nqobokazi. Ukuba amaNkom’angathewuki ngaphezulu uDlomo ng’esahlezi eNxokotyeni. Into ezapheka inkomo ngonopotyi kwathiwa ngoMalinga. Mrhaberhu, Gilani, Sqwabane Nkundlande, Mahlabezulu ngokuhlaba impi kaZulu ngezantsi eNxokotyeni. Nina beNtungwa abambulazi abadl’umntu bemyenga ngendaba.
      Abaphakel’umyeni edangaleni ngoba benqen’ukuded’amabele.

      • sihle says:

        oko ndfunda le post akukabikho mntu uthetha ngama jwarha apha tu
        bendcela ukba ungandnceda undilandele iziduko za MAJWARHA , mna ndpelela apha qho :- mjwarha , mtika , mazaleni …oko ndafundiswa oluhlobo mna

  40. Enye into endiyilangazelelayo kukuva inzala (ulibo)ka Mngxongo njengokuba eka Ntoyi i chaziwe.

  41. Phumla Hole says:

    To : Matiwane MBOLA
    Molo Mbola,
    Mna ke ndi ngu Phumla Hole, ndizalwa yintombi yakwa Mavumengwana,Oo hlophe, amangwane, oo Magijimela, Mgabhi , amakhakhamhlophe, oonzima. Ukwazikwam, amangwane ase Eastern cape, afika kwa Xhosa ebaleka imfecane, aza acela indowo yokuhlala kwinkosi u Zanzolo, owabamkela ke ngobubele. Amangwane , oohlophe, mvelase, babuya e Swazini, kwangwane. U tata wam uyewahamba Ngo 1980 , waya kwangwane eye kulanda imvelaphi yo mfaze wakhe. Uye ke wamkelwa ngobubele kwangwane, wa thathwa waboniswa Indlela amangwane aphila ngayo. Into ke mna enditsale umdla, kumhla ndandimamele usibali wam ongumzulu, otshate usisi wam, ezithutha. Ndiyendabona apha ekuzithutheni ukuba amazulu ifani yawo engu Mazibuko athi xa e zithutha, ” mwelase, mgabhi – wamafu,amakhakhamhlophe ,Nzima, bombibomgodi babuye bangawuhlali. In all ukuba Futuna ukwazi imvelaphi yaMangwane, qala kwangwane, eswazini, then you will be able to see ukuba nihlangene nini na namazulu. I hope this will help a little.

    Nam kengoku ndiguna imvelaphi yam , njendoba selenditshilo ukuba u mama wam ngu Mahlophe, uNgwane. Ndicela ukwazi ukuba esam isiduko kwicala lakulo tata wam Oo Gatyeni, mamali, nkomozibomvu nenkunzi yazo ,ndondela, niko, mshe, tyelebane, msengana, nxopho, bhobo, khawusele, sisukaweziphi na iinkosi.

    Thanks for such a reach history of Xhosa nation, I am soo proud to be counted as one.

  42. jabu says:

    can you tell me more about kesh and the amabhayi

  43. Mzoxolo says:

    Inaka umhla ukum lento enyikuleyo i word like to more about chief gwebinkumbi

  44. Shawn Nikelo says:

    Ndicela undithuthele aMakwayi ngokufutshane.Ndifuna ukwazi ukuzithutha ngaphandle koloyiko. Undithumelele impendulo.Enkosi .

  45. sabata says:

    igama lam ngu Sabata Masoka… ndicela ukwazi ngokupheleleyo ngoo RHOYI, NTANZI, DEDEZA, NDIMA, MZIMKHULU…. andidluli apo. zezipi ezinye iifani endizalana nazo

    • Sihle says:

      masoka, mzimkhulu, ntanzi , ndelu, rhoyi kunene kwelizwe, unkumbuzo zika mdladla, nzimane, nala mnandi obele lide lingang’elikabelelenyana, owancelisa umntwana engaphesheya komfula uthukela. isibhekuza esabhekuz’enkundleni kwa dadeboyise umntambose. izilila gazi abanye belil’nyembezi.amahomb’asezweni awangaphumi mhla ligquthayo, aphuma mhla linethayo umfazi onamanxeba ngasemva nje ngamadoda.cabisa, mbengeshe, incuncu ezimlomo emide ,abantwana abesaba ukunatha amanzi amadwala banatha amanzi eziziba ngoba besaba umlomo ukungqindeka.thotholo into ezathi xa zizawuvela kwangen’inkalankal’endlini…umlambo oowelwa ziinkonjane kuphela,nazo kuba zibhabhela phezulu zaxa, mbokazi, mehl’embuzi, masingila, ngwenya. eh! hlubi elihle ngelengele…elinzipho zimnyama ngokuqhwayana!

  46. thozamile says:

    Mna ndinomdla wokwazi ngamasukwini bcz la asekhaya enjenje xa ezthutha athi mna ndingu lawu uchwama udibashe,usandlal’angca usukwini ,tik’ayvumi nepokotho umnqayi linqindi imvaba yiketile ingqongqo yikatala,unjabomvu inkom’edini ngu nonkala itrongo yivenkile,,,,,,,,,,,,yilendaw yetrongo ke le ithanda undibhida cz abanye bathi introngo yi hotele instd

  47. masande says:

    Mhlekazi ndicela ukwazi ukuba amangxongo zinkosi na if so can u please give me references

  48. Babalwa Faku says:

    Ndiyathanda ufunda ngembali, ndikuthandile endikubone apha ngokwe kungqinelana nencwadi ezininzi endizifundiyo……nangamso mntakwethu mayingalahleki imbali yethu.
    Ukulungisa nje into encinci, kukho umntu othe uGcaleka noNgqika were brothers. Ayo nyani leyo babengezizo necousin ngoba uGcaleka wayengumfo boRharhabe onguyisemkhulu kuNgqika.

    • Siyoyo says:

      Mahle dadewethu!…ukoleka nje phezulu koko sele ukutshilo ngentla, inkosi uNgqika izalwa yi nkosi uMlawu, inkosi uMlawu yiyo kengoku ezalwa yinkosi uRharabe.

  49. Lubabalo says:

    Ndiyazibulisela kuni nonke zinto zakuthi,ndingu_Lubabalo igama lam lenkobe,ndizalwa ngumfo wakwa Bhala uDududu uThombela endizala kwintombi yakwa_Zibula.Kodwa ndisebenzisa ifani kamama wam,njengo_Zibula(Zibula Lubabalo),ngoku ndinesicelo sokuba umntu onolwazi kakuhle ngooBhala,ndicela andinabela nzulu,nokuba ukhe kompofu xa enokwazi.enkosi ,ngokuzithoba,Zibula the way here is my E_mail address,or contact me on Facebook,as Zibula Manciya Lubabalo

  50. Ndiyazibulisela nam kulo mzi umhle kangaka wamaXhosa. Igama lam ndinguSamkelo Mguda UmKhwemnte ,uDabane, uGqokisa, uFulashe, uNtiyane, uNtswentswe. Ndiphuma eTsomo kodwa uninzi lwethu lukwisithili sakuCofimvaba. Ngenyanga kaJanyuwari 2014 sine family reunion apho ndiye ndaphathiswa umba wokulanda imbali yaMakhwemte ukusukela koo Xhosa ,Khawuta, njalo-njalo ukuzothi xhaxhe ngoku. (History and Family Tree) Ngoko ndicela uncedwa nge mbali yaMakhwemnte kuba ndivile isidibanisa namaTshawe, amaCirha, amaJwarha, amaNtshilibe njalo-njalo. Ndovuyiswa luncedo lweno kulo mba .
    Samkelo Mguda

  51. mbulelo says:

    ndiyabulisa kuni nonke ndingu mbola, ompondo, thahla ndayeni ,hlamba,ngobende,nqunqoshe,faku, sindaphi, isizukulu sika bannie. ento endiyicelayo kukuthi ondi cazele ukuthi zonke ezi zi dibana njani no mbola? ndi khulele e pta andiziqondi kakuhle ezi zinto ndincedeni

  52. Jordan says:

    I am Jordan phakisi.
    Daughter to Florence Phakisi,daughter of Harold Brown&Ntaoleng Phakisi.
    Ntaoleng is daughter Elia and Elisa Phakisi.Elisa is Phalo by birth…
    The Phakisis are predominantly and originate from Lesotho.
    All i know is that Elisa was born in 1900 and was from a well off family…im tryin to establish which of the Phalos she is born of.

  53. Vuyo Ncwaiba says:

    Mandizibulisele nam mawethu. Ndicela inkcazelo ngemvelaphi nomnombo kaCungwa. Umakhulu wam yintombi yakwaCungwa uMakrila. Ndimane ndibona igama likaCungwa being mentioned kule history yamaXhosa and I am quietly wondering if this is the same Cungwa that my grandmother came from ooTangana.

    Mandime kulondawo.


  54. lungelo says:

    Molweni bahlobo ngicela incazelo yesiduko u RHOYI plz

  55. Pumelela says:

    Molweni mna ndingu Phumelela Gwavu ndicela ukwazi nge mbali yamaBongo, Mbuyisa, Mathobela.
    Please respond to

  56. yandisa says:

    Khawundiphe indlu kanxubs yafuthi undixazalanisele nosikhomo

  57. Bongani says:

    Ndinomdla wokwazi imbali ka Xesibe, njengoba engenasizwe sinje ngesabantakwabo uMpondo no Mpondomise.

  58. Sipho says:

    Ndiyabhotisa bantu bomthonyama. Bathi ndinguMhegebe kodwa imvelaphi yeliqela indisithele kwaye andikwazi nokuzithutha. Uncedo bantu bakuthi kwabo bawubonayo lomcimbi. Ndiyabulela.

  59. Ncobe says:

    The writer of the story on AmaXhosa is making a number of factual mistakes. For example, he writes that Ntsusa was the son to Rharhabe. This is not true.

    Rharhabe took a Qwathi woman called Nojoli who gave birth to Ntsusa( daughter), Mlawu, Ndlambe, and Khalandile(second daughter) according to SEK Mqhayi (Abantu besiZwe, 1940). In other words the amaXhosa of Rharhabe royal house is descended from the Qwathi woman Nojoli. Ndlambe was raised by the Qwathi and later was to play a major part as the leader of the colonial resistence in the Cape. Mlawu begot Ngqika but he died before his son’s maturity, leaving Ndlambe to be regent. Ntsusa, Rharhabe’s first daughter, was married to one Qwathi chief but because Lobola cattle were less than 200, Rharhabe got upset and went to seize Qwathi cattle with his army. War broke out with the Qwathi in 1782. Rharhabe died during that war across the Xuka river near eLuwini when it was flooded.

  60. Sandile Matebese (Gaba) says:

    Molweni batkuthi, Mna ndinguNgqosini uThithiba, uNozinga, ndiva kamnandi xa amadoda neentombi zakwaNtu ziphicotha imicimbi yemvelaphi yethu, ibabuhlungu ke indaba yokuxelelwa imbali yakho ngomnye umntu wolunye uhlanga, kodwa ndibophulele abanye kuba bazalwe kude kudala kunam. Kukho impikiswano ngezimvo ngokwemvelaphi yeligama lithi Xhosa, yaye zininzi iindindi zenkcazelo enye ithi igama elithi Xhosa libiwe kwisiQhakancu, abalifanisa noKhoisan, kuba isithi lenkcazelo, indlela abantu basentshona bekunzima ngayo ukubisa u-(X), bebede bathi (Kh) ayindibeki kude ke lengcombolo,kuba nangoku ezinye iintlanga zibizwa OonTshing-nTshong, ngama China & Japanese ke lawo kunye neentlanga ezikufutshane kuzo, iqhelekile into yokuthiya abantu ngeezandi abazenzayo xa bethetha njengamaQhakancu ligama ekichaza izandi abazisebenzisayo xa bethetha, OoQh nooNc, zezinye zeezandi ebezisetyenziswa zezontlanga, zaza zathiywa igama lazo ngezandi abazikhuphayo xa be thetha, omny’umzekelo: Zonke iintlanga eziphuma kumantla eAfrika kuthiwa ngamaKwereKwere, loonto ke, bathiywe ngeezandi abazikhuphayo xa bencokola okanye bethetha.

    Oo-Khoi-san ngamagama esilungu, OoChobona(from) Sawubona, ngamagama enziwe ngabelungu kuba belungiselela bona ukulibisa, nangoku bathi xa bebiza isiXhosa, bathi Khosa, inoba iyavakala ngoku iytiwa, ukuba amagama angoo: X, Q, no C kuthiwa sisiQhakhancu, ngawaphi amagama emvelo yesintu yolwimi lwethu thina esibizwa ukuba sizii-Bantu, Xhosas, Thembu, Mpondos, Bhaca kunye nesiMfegu, so iilwimi zethu ziye zaxubana ngenxa yokonganyelwa ziinkosi ezithile, kwanyanzeleka ukuba isizwe esithile sinyanzeleke siluthethe ololwimi lwenKosi yalo nokub iyteketa, yiloonto olulwimi sithi sisiXhosa, ayikabi lulo nacakasane, kuba alukho msulwa, qha luyingqokelela yeelwimi zeziwe-ngzizwe.

    Yiyo lonto kusithiwa izizwe zokuqala ukubonwa ngabelungu ngelixa befika kwelizwekazi laseTiyopiya, bahlangana nazo babesithi kukho iiKorana, neeBantu, kanti ezoBantu zikhona nase Central Africa, East Africa nase Cameroon to Southern Africa, kanti iBantu yintoni kanye, kuba abaThembu batsho ngenene ukuthi abangomaXhosa, namaMpondo, ngokunjalo, namaMfengu nawo, kodwa ethetha isiXhosa, ndivumeleni xa ndisithi abelungu basithiye amagama amaninzi angengowethu, nathi sathiyana kuba singakwazi ukubiza amanye amagama, Khawuve ukuba iintlanga ezimnyama zase Abbysinia(Ethiopia) ayizizo iiBantu, kodwa kuthiwa zii-Natives, kanti iBantu yintoni kanye kanye? Ndiyabuya isisu sigcwele Ntozakuthi….

  61. Umnombo wenkosi zamaGqunukwebe uDebe wayeliphakathi kwaXhosa kukumkani Ngconde wazala uLungane ozele uKhwane naye waliphakathi elikhulu kumatshawe kaKumkani uTshiwo wazeyena Khwane wabunikwa ubukhosi ngokuhlangula inkosi yakhe kuGaba wamaNgqosini uNkosi uKhwane uzele uBane owazala uTshaka yena wazala uChungwa yinkosi yokuqala kwezamaXhosa ukuhlaselwa ngamadlagusha le uCungwa uzele uPhato kwindlu enkulu ekunene wazala uKama eqadini lwendlu enkulu wazala uKobe uPhato inkuluyakhe nguDilima owazala uNamba inkulu kaNamba nguMakhanya ekunene nguDyosini owafumana ubukhosi kuba umakhanya wahamba nonina okaze wabuyela kuyise uDyosini uzele uRhamncwana Wazala uNtlanganiso yena wazala uZolani osabanjelwe ngumama wakhe uNondumiso ngk ikomkhulu likaPhato liseTsholomqa emengolohloba amaNgqunukhwebe aseLwandle

    • Sivuyile says:

      Weza mayo kakuhle Gaba.

    • Sivuyile .D. Sukwini says:

      The original Gqunukhwebe (Gqonaqua) clans included Nqarhwane, Giqwa, Sukwini, Gqwashu, Chisana (Sthathu), Tshonyane and others.

      Eventually all those who live in the lands of Gqunukhwebe assimilated, and are rightful Gqunukhwebes.

      Aah!!! Zwelandile!!!

  62. xabisa says:

    Ndiyazibulisela kuni nonke, ndingu Xabisa wakwa Matebese, Ndizalwa nguNguNomazizi imfengukazi yase Xhorha, kwa Mlawu noMthetho, iTshawe lakwa Matebese…I was raised by a single mother and my father passed away before he could teach me ukuzithutha….All I know is ndingu Mam’tshawe, uMdange, uTshiwo ….it’s kind of generealised and am sure there’s a more specific version… pleeding out to amanye amatshawe to help me out _this is oral history I want to pass down to my children one day_so if anyone can help out I’d greatly appreciate it.
    PS: Appologies for the English, I never learnt how to read and write isiXhosa…All I know is self taught.

    • Nahomba says:

      Bhota sis Xabisa dad wethu
      Iziduko ezininz azizo zithutha ngohlob olunye (twatse) kubukhulu becala ubakho umahluko omkhulu ngeliny ixesha okanye onmncinci. Lento ixhomekeka kumnombo wohluka phi umzekelo amaTshawe aye ohluke pha kuPhalo, i.e. Rharhabe no Gcaleka.
      Ntlandlolo, umz’ omkhulu waqhekeka phakathi, xa ufika pha kuPhalo uye ubon’ umnombo wakwa Gcaleka uphinde ubone owakwa Rharhabe… Lento yenziwa yinto yokuba, uPhalo wathatha abafazi(Tembu & Mpondo) ababini abakwizinga elinye (okanye abasebu khosini bobabini) ngokwasebu khosinin bamaxhosa, indlu enkulu ibayindlu yomfaz wasebu khosini, i.e. Tembu princess or Mpondo princess, in this case. Yabanye indlela yokusombulula lenyewe. Kwanyanzeleka ukuba indlu yasekunene nendlu enkulu zahlulwe. URharhabe indlu yasekunene, indlunkulu inguGcaleka. Yilonto apaha kwaXhosa namhlanje une kumkani ezimbini (recognized) amaGcaleka namaRharhabe.
      Ekhaya xasi tyeneneza umendo oya koo baw omkhulu senjenje
      uButsolo beeNduku!
      uMbeng’ oNomsi,
      iNto ka TSHAWE, Kwedini,
      uNgcond’ oneeNtshaba!
      uMlambo awuWelwa ngabafazi abanxib’
      iilokhw’ ezimfutshane, Makwedini

      Abant bomnombo kaRharhabe xa befika kulandawo kaPhalo uzobiz umnombo wakhe ngohlob oluyelele kolu:
      Phalo, Rharhabe,
      Mlawu, Ngqika…ahle nayo

      NOTE: uNqoko noVelelo Sibabiza to make sense of genealogical connection. Like Mdange Nqoko and Velelo were stand in kings until Hintsa came of age and became a man that can lead.


      • Mongameli says:

        Eziduko zifana nezo bezitshiwo ngu Tata, mna ndi ngu Mongameli Bacela, Mkwayi, uMalangana!
        uButsolo beeNduku!
        uMbeng’ oNomsi,
        iNto ka TSHAWE, Kwedini,
        uNgcond’ oneeNtshaba!

        Ndiyahluleka ekuqgibeleni, kanti ndikhulela eRwhawutini ndifikile Engcobo, Ecantane ekuqaleni kwa March 2014, ngoba ndifuna imvelaphi yami, futhi ndizawuphindela khona xa ipokotho yami ivuma. Sizani bethu, IsiXhosa sam naso esaselokishini, Xamagu bethu

      • Mongameli says:

        Bosuku benzolo, ndibona iziduko ezifanayo masithethe mna ndingu Mongameli Bacela, Mkwayi
        April 1, 2014 at 8:14 pm

        Eziduko zifana nezo bezitshiwo ngu Tata, mna ndi ngu Mongameli Bacela, Mkwayi, uMalangana!
        uButsolo beeNduku!
        uMbeng’ oNomsi,
        iNto ka TSHAWE, Kwedini,
        uNgcond’ oneeNtshaba!

        Ndiyahluleka ekuqgibeleni, kanti ndikhulela eRwhawutini ndifikile Engcobo, Ecantane ekuqaleni kwa March 2014, ngoba ndifuna imvelaphi yami, futhi ndizawuphindela khona xa ipokotho yami ivuma. Sizani bethu, IsiXhosa sam naso esaselokishini, Xamagu bethu

  63. Simba Ngxongo says:

    Ndicela ukwazi ngama-Ngxongo xa ezithutha. Ingaba azithitha njani?

    • Ngokolibo luka Mngxongo kaloku Simba, ngu Mnguti,Ceduma,Bomoyi, Thembu,Malandela,Njanya, kude kuse ku Zwide okunguye owazala zonke ezi zizwe zabe Nguni zilapha emzantsi we- Afrika. Omnye ngamnye kula madoda abalulweyo apha wazala onyana nee ntombi ngokwezindlu zoo nina. Yiyo laa nto ke uye ubone zihambe zidibane iziduko zabantu (abaThembu ikakhulu) Ithi imbali lento ithi Ntsundu asilo gama lamntu koko nje sisi “qhulo” awayebizwa ngaso uMngxongo ngenxa yoba wayefuye inkomo ezi Ntsundu. Oo Ntande, Nxeko,Dlomo,Hala,Madiba, Zondwa (Sophiitsho,Yem-yem,Ngqolo-msila) ngabo libo luka Ntoyi (ozalwa kwindlu nkulu ka Mnguthi) uyise ka Mngxongo (ozalwa kwindlu yase kunene). Nalo olwam ulwazi ke Nnguthi, ndikwa ngu Mngxongo kunye nawe.
      Andivaleli abamnye abazi nxamnye nam ngolulibo lwaMangxongo banga phefumla, ulwazi luyaphakelwana.

      hee grammmm!!!!!!!……….

      • Mbulelo Jolingana says:

        Ndinomdla ukuba amangxongo nama maya ayazalana na? kuba isinqulo sabo phantse safana!

      • mawande says:

        Bota Mngxongo…ngu Mawande lo into kaNtoyi uGebane kwisithili sase mbizana.andimhlanga ncam kwi mbali ka Ntoyi ndicela undityebisele kuyo ndifuna nokwazi uba udibene kanjani noMbanjwa,Gebane Mpethwana njl.ndingaluvuyela kakhulu uncedo okanye Mawande ntoyi ku facebook

    • Enye ke into endiyishiyayo. Isilo sa Mangxongo yi Ngwe kanti ke ezintakeni yinkonjane emnyama endande mafini( bambi bathi nga Mahlankomo ahamba phambi kwemvula). Sikhule phaya emakhaya siyalwa uba singayityi iNkonjane, ne Ngwe ihlonitshwa ibizwa ngokuthi ngu Mnini-hlathi. Emanzini ke nto ka bawo kunqulwa i Ngebhe ( mfo apha one ntloko nentamo enesingci kunge ngathi yeye hashi, kanti umzimba ngathi yiNgwenya). Kuninzi esakuxelelwayo ngezi Zilo nendima yazo esizweni sama Ngxongo.

      • Kaloku nto ka Jolingana u Maya no Nxeko ngaba zukulwana baka Ntoyi u mntakubo Mngxongo bezalwa bona Ngu Ntande inkulu ka Ntoyi. U Nxeko uzalwa kwindlu enkulu aze u Maya azalwe ekunene.

      • says:

        Bendicela ukwazi ngengcombolo ka Gatyeni kwaye akho kokuqala ndibuza ngayo kodwa ba awuychani undixelele okanye ndakuzithutha ukuze uve lo Gatyeni undim ba uvelaphi.

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  64. ntsundu6468 says:

    Yenzeka njani ukuba u Tata (engumngxongo) azeke e mamayeni (kulo mama) ? I noba yi lento ubayichaza yokuzekelana kwa ba Thembu Noku tshipa okwenza abantu balahlekane nemvelaphi yabo!

    • Kaloku nto ka bawo oo Gatyeni babini, ukho lo ungu Ndondela ka Mamali kwaNgqika aze omnye abe kwa Zulu. Ngoko ke phum’egusheni sikwazi ukutyatyadula.

      • Kaloku Mngudi kwanda ukungakhathali ebantwini, aze atyeshelwa amasiko nezithethe. Abantu abakhoyo ngoku abasena ntloni nobuntu abusekho. Kudala umfana ubesithi xa athe wabona intombi waze wakholwa yiyo ube yibuza uba “ungowasemanini ke nzwakazi” engeka yi phimisi ( ukuyiqhasa) ukwenzela uba ingabi kanti ingu dade wabo. U Mngxongo no Maya ngabantwana be gazi ebukhosini base ba Thenjini. Kanti ke nama Ngxongo ayathathana ngoku,uye uve omnye esithi ndingu Mbomvu omnye athi ndingu Mnzaka abanye nga ma Qhamani abanye nga maMpofu. Ezi ziincuku ezenziwa ngabafazi abendi ke ukutsho abathi kusawufa amadoda kuloo mzi kusheke oonyana baqale ukuba hlohla u chuku lokuza hlula kwabanye. Yiyo ke lento yabangela ukuzalana uba kuphele ezizweni zika Ntu.

      • says:

        Ndiyabulela bawo mna ke nditsho uMnywabe uMamali uNkomozbomvu
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      • busisiwe says:

        Mpendulo khawundinabisele ngolo Ndondela mamali,uphinde undicacisele apho bahluka khona nalo uphuma KwaZulu,nto zakuthi imnandi lencoko yokuzazi ukuba ungubani nemvelaphi yakho,kwaye yonke lento sizidla nangolwimi lwethu

  65. Nombulelo says:

    Molweni zihlobo zam. Ndicela uke ndaziswe ngemvelaphi yama Xesibe. Ndijongile nje apha iziduko ziyathuthwa kutyandyathwe kodwa esi sam asigcwali ncam. ndincedeni

    • Nomana says:

      NdingumZima mna bhuti uCeduma uBhomoyi ndicela ke utyatyadule ngomlibo walamadoda uze nawo onke

    • ZK Zikali says:

      Ndakha ndeva iimpukane eziluhlaza ke, ezithi uXesibe lo wayeyimfusi yamawele uMpondo noMpondomise, bebonke ingoonyana bakaSibiside. Ndiyawafumana amawele la ke ukuza kwawo esuka kwaZulu ukuzofika e-EC, kodwa azange ndafumana nto iphathekayo ngemfusi le, kwaye nam ndinomdla omkhulu ngembali kaXesibe apho ndizeke khona, ngoba nam andiqinisekanga ncam ngayo.

      • Steve Bantubakhe Nyatela says:

        Mandilungise indawo encinci mhlekazi uZikhali imbali kaXesibe ithi masiyiqale kuyise omkhulu. Uyise omkhulu nguSibiside owayezalwa no Dlamini eSwazini no Mkhize khabazele kwaZulu noNjanya .Unjanya wazala umMpondomise noMpondo amawele neMfusi Uxesibe.Imbali ithi ke Usibiside ngomnye abaqhekeka kubaMbo abasuka eacentral Afrika.Kwindlu ka Njanya inkulu yakhe yaba nguMpondomise kwavele impixano ke emva kokkuba umninawe uMpondo aze nefele lengonyame wala ulinika umntakwabo kwaliwa ke .UXesibe wancedisa uMpondo kwagqitywa kwelithi uMpondo makalithathe ifele atsho ahambe .Wahamba ke wayokokha ubukumkani bamaMpondo .Uxesibe naye wazimele njengendlu encinci ka Njanya .KwakuMaxesibe lubekho uqhekeko unyana kaMthetho ungunyan kaJojo kwindlu encinci akavisisana nanyana wakhe Umtshutshumbe .Umtshutshumbe emva kokuba ebuya entabeni ufune ukuphatha uyise esadla amazimba .Lonto yakhokelela ekubeni alishiye elakubo emva kwalonto wabe ethiywe igama eyayilele nkomo ekuthiwa Qwathi.Uhambile ezama ukuya kulonina eMatshaweni ondlunkulu waso wawuse Mqandule .Zange afike apho wahlaselwa ngamamaBomvane .Wazocela egwiba kubaThembu Esigubudwini Engcobo wamkelwa yikumkani yaBathembu UNguti owayalela unyana wakhe wasekunene uMngxongo kamPhosiwe esebeni ukuba anike esisizwe umhlaba apho .Sizwe eso basitshintsha bathi ngamaQwathi besuka emaxesibeni bazibiza ngalankomo kwakuthiywe uMtshutshumbe .Afike njalo amaQwathi Engcobo. Mna ndingu Bantubakhe Nyatela isizukulwana sikaMphosiwe esebeni uMngxongo ukunene buka Kumkani Unguti Engcobo .Thina sisezinkosi nangoku Kwa Rasimeni Engcobo.Mandime mzi kaThembu AA’Ngangesilo .

      • ZK Zikali says:

        Ndibamba ngazo zozibini mntaka Nyathela, undiphendule bawo kwaye maz’ enethole nangokundilungisa

  66. Vuyani says:

    Mna ndingu Vuyani Ntubu,ndi zalwa,ngu mazikhali/mamgcogco,utata wam ngu mkhuma umbathane,ndi funa uyazi nge mvelaphi yama khuma nama gcogco/Ntubu no Qankasr

  67. Lwandile says:

    Bhotani ntozakuthi, ndicela uncedo ngomlibo wakwa Tshezi ooJalamba, sisiduko sakulo Tata kodwa mna ndikhula ndisebenzisa esakuloo mama ngoku ndifuna ukuzazi. kuba okwangoku ndazi ndingu Nozulu Umchumane mpafane Thukela mpangazitha – sesakuloomama ke esi.

  68. lundi nqokiso says:

    Mholweni ndingu Lundi nqokiso ndirhalela ukwazi invelaphi yamanqana omdanda ka nakisa isicamba sovala emnyango. uba baloluphi uhlanga kwezi zilandelayo :mfungu,bomvana,bhaca,mpondo,xesibe,mthembu mpondomise . Ikhoyalam liku Tsolo kodwa ndiva kuthiwa asingo mampondomise. Kudela ndibuza lento akhomntu waziyo amaxhego akuthi awasekho. Umntu onolwazi makancede bethuna. Ndifumaneka apha Lundi

  69. zintle says:

    ndiyazibulisela nam ngu zintle notununu, u bhala ka dududu, into bendicela nindincede ngayo yinto yokuba ingaba oobhala noofaku bahamba bahambe badibanephi ngoba abadala bathi bukhona ubuhlobo obuthile

    • Vuyisanani says:

      Hi Zintle:

      U-Faku uzalwa nguNgqungqushe, Ngqungqushe uzalwa Nyawuza, Nyawuza uzalwa nguTahle, Tahle uzalwa nguNdayeni, Ndayeni uzalwa nguChithwayo, Chithwayo uzalwa nguBhala. I hope it’s clear enough

  70. Mholweni sizukulwana sika Nkosi uPhalo kuni nonke sizwe sakuthi esiNtsundu

    Mna ndingu Bhele u Langa, Qunta, Mafu, Dlambula, njalo njalo. ndingathanda ukuva ngemvalaphi yamaBhale. Ndicela oyiphetheyo lembali yethu ake athi vandla vandla . ayiqale kobubu Mfengu obu bam kuze njani sibe ngamamfengu? ndiphinde ndicaciselwe nange ntsingiselo yeli gama “Mfengu” lithetha ntoni okanye lithetha ukuthini. Enkosi mzi kaNtu

    • Mbuyiselo Klaas says:

      Bhota Bhele,

      Iincwadi ezithi, “ibali lamamfengu” & “ibali lamaHlubi ” ithi, uBhele yenye yeenkosi zokuqala zama hlubi.

      It goes even further and states that before amaHlubi were known as amaNgele-ngele ngeli xesha uBhele eyinkosi. Inkos uBhele wabane ntombi entle egama elingu Hlubi, ubuhle bayo babudumile kanga ngokba isizwe sama Ngele-ngele saphela sisaziwa ngo Hlubi kusenjalo nanamhlanje.

  71. Njilo says:

    Camagu mawethu.
    Ndicela umnombe weeNkosi zamaBomvana uTshezi uJalamba.
    Ndizalwa kwaTshezi,uJalamba,uNjilo-Njilo kulapho khona inkaba yam ikhoyo ndanikwa igama uZanemvula HlangaLwandile aaaah Valamathanda ifani nguMakasi

  72. Mongameli says:

    I am a Bacela Mkwayi trying to find my origin

  73. Khona Speelman says:

    umngxongo yena uzala bani azale bani njalo njalo. ngoba umntakwabo untoyi ndikuvile ukuba uthi uzele bani.

  74. mzwakhe says:

    Nkosiyam igama nguMzwakhe, into ebendinga cela ucedwa kuyo amaGcaleka xana ezthutha. Ndike ndixakeke kuba kuye kuvele nomNqgosi abantu bomlambo ingaba iyadibana.

  75. ngingufiksile mthembu eMbazwana kwaHangaza futy ngyaziqhenya ngokuba ngowakwaMvelase manje ngidinga ukwazi ukty kahlekahle ingabe imvelaphi yethu ilaphi ngoba ukulalela abantu basho lokhu nalokhuya manje ngcela onolwazi angsize bandla ngyazicelela.ngyabonga

  76. Zukolukangubelenga says:

    I am zukolukangubelenga, kaBazindlovu kaNgangezwe kaMabandla kaQunta,

    To the zibula question , I would advise all to look @ African Nguni history from the Great Lakes/ central Africa ….le yakwaZulu lizwelitsha and it’s going to confuse us…..look at Amabhele tribe that existed before Christ , if we start from KZN only king Qunta was there at the time, but Bhele was the king during 1200 already .. That inform us we were amangst amajuda, and others,

  77. Xolani Mashiqana says:

    Mna bendicela umnonbo wakwa Mashiqana abasuka Emnyameni

  78. Thembelani says:

    mgxongo untsundu yemyem nkonjanidlali mafini ngqolomsila mgudi mthembu

  79. N matinise says:

    Ndicela ukwazi imbali yamaCethe.

  80. Michael says:

    I would like to say is very interesting,i want to know about my clan name mqoma nd odumba

  81. Siphokazi Botomani says:

    Itsho kakuhle ndicela ukubuza kulendlu ka botomani nigene ngokubanzi

  82. Mncedi Sindaphi says:

    Ndiyabulela ngenkcaza nemvelaphi yobuntu bethu. Ndingathand’ukuva banzi ngoJwara lo ukuya ekuzinquleni kwakhe ngoba kukho ukwahluka-hluka endikuvayo kumaJwara oMphesha kweNciba namanye oMnenoNciba apha ekuzithutheni/ukuzinqula ke ukutsho. Ndikwafumaneka ke apha:0834220181

  83. Sikelela says:

    Ityebile lembali ndiyiva apha, kuhle mawethu siyazi imvelaphi yethu kwaye sizingce ngayo. Mna ke ndingoka Qayiso ndingarhalela ukuva banzi ngaMaNtusi, ooGavu, ooMbangweni.

  84. ayanda madinda says:

    ingabe amaQocwa akhe anabo na ubukhosi ngaphambili?

    • ZK Zikali says:

      Andiqondi nto yakuthi, ngoba kaloku ooZikhali ngokwembali baphuma kunoqhakancu owayegama lingu-Qoco, owayelichule kakhulu ekwenzeni izikhali zokulwa kwiimfazwe zamaxhosa, ke ngoko oonoqhakancu abanabukhosi emaxhoseni

  85. Bulelani Bambinkomo says:

    I am looking findout about where exactly AmaBomvana feature here. please help. Mna ndinguTshezi,Jalamba, uMqal’ungangenduku.

  86. Phumzile says:

    Inika umdla mphela lenxelo ndicela unkunikwa umkhondo ngenkosi zamamphondo

  87. siyabonga mthunywa says:

    Please let me know all about amampinge,and when this mampinge name was formed.its so intresting reading our background.we thought we know all but since I red this,am a knew born .now so intrested to know about me as a Mpinge man!

  88. thembisa matanda says:

    NdingumaMtshatshu wakwaTshatshu eLady Frere ndifuna ukwazi ngesilo or izilo zaskhaya zeziphi. Nokwazi umlibo ukusuka ekuqaleni uzokuma kuMatanda.

  89. Fezile says:

    Ndibulisa ndiSohobese uNkuma uNcuthu ndicela ukwazi umnombo wamazangwa uphumaphi kwaye xa bezithutha bezunqula batyatyadule bame phi? ungathumelela ku ndovuyiswa yinxaso yakho .

  90. What i still dont understand is that how did the Phalo’s endup in KZN i mean most of them are based in KZN im also a Gcaleka i always thought Phalo and Rharhabe were brothers untill today, so if Rharhabe is a son of Phalo then how come Rharhabe is based in Xhosa and Phalo in Zulu? There’s a lot that i dont understand about this article seriously im confunsed. Anele Gcaleka

  91. Mbulelo. Safa says:

    Ndiyayibulela Le mbali Yamaxhosa icace kangaka. Kukho iincwadi ekukhe kwacetyiswa omnye ngazo apha, Ndicela ukwazi ukuba zifumaneka phi kuba ndinomdla nam kuzo. Ndinomdla futhi wokhe ndihlazululelwe eyamaZizi imbali.

  92. Ngeno Musa says:

    Ndicela ulwazi ngemvelaphi yoBhayi

  93. Sandile Mbelu says:

    Ndiyabhotisa kumaNguni namaMbo.

    Andiyikholelwa leyokuba eligama lithi “Xhosa” lelesiThwa/Qhakancu.
    Babephi abelungu ngexesha likaXhosa kwaye yayingubani ke igama lakhe lokwenyani? Okwesithathu ukhona owayeke walitolikelwa ngesiQhakancu ukuveza ubunyani baloo nto?

    Ndize kumnombo kaTshawe. US’khoma uzalwa nguTshawe ze ke yena azale uNgcwangu. Kaloku uTshawe waya emaMpondweni wayofuna umkhosi wokumncedisa xa wayelelwa ubukhosi kuCirha waza wamoyisa encediswa ziingwevu zakwaRhudulu nezinokhokho onguS’khoma.
    Lilonke uTshawe wathiya unyana wakhe ngokhokho wezingwevu nekwathi zanconywa kusithiwa “ziyalwa ezangwevu” kwathiwa ngamaNgwevu ke.

    Ndize kuTshiwo noGando.
    Kaloku inkulu kaNgconde nguGando nowathi waphatha emveni kokutshaba kukayise. UTshiwo ayingonyana kaNgconde, wazalwa uNgconde eneminyaka emine waswelekayo. Ekukhuleni kwakhe wafuna ubukhosi naye, bala ooGando nabaninawa nhaphandle koMdange owayemthethela za kwakusithiwa makaywaywe, kulapho kwavela khona lento ka”Mdange kaTshiwo”.

    Wakwaywa ke uTshiwo kwaze kwathiwa uGando ngu”Mkwayi” kwavela esisiduko samaKwayi ke.

    Nanku ke umnombo kaTshawe ngqo…
    Nciba (watshona kumlambo iNciba waphuma sele iligqirha, wathiywa ngaye ke lomlambo)
    ⭐⭐ NB bafika abelungu lomlambo kuthiwa ngumlambo kaMkwayi bona balibiza wrongo bathi Kei.
    UNciba wazazala u..

    Ziziduko zendlu enkulu kaTshawe ezo i.e AmaKwayi


    Sandile Masasa Mbelu, kuFacebook

    • Ngu Vusi ka Mlawu: Sandile kha ndivezele lento. Ivela phi lento ithi u Gando wabhaqwa embhethe nodade wabo. yabonwa njengenyala elikhulu lonto ko mkhulu waze wakwaya khuna uze kuvele esi siduko sa Makwayi kuba bekwayiwe? Apha uyaveza uba kwakuliwa ngobukhosi. Nceda tata mna ndingu Mkwayi kudala ndiyufuna lencazelo?

    • siphumze says:

      Kengoku mnumzana Sandile ,ivela phi le yoba uGando uhlobene noDLOMO?

  94. zolisa says:

    Ndiyazibulisela ngalemin. NdinguMpinga, uMawawa, uSenzwa, uMbolokoqoshe… Mna ndinomdla kakhulu ngokwazi ngesiduko sam. Ndiva ukuba ooMpinga abangamaMpondo okanye amaMpondomise. Ndizalawa nguMaJola uMphankomo uQengeba uMzukulwana weNkwakhwa. Nalapho ndiva ukuba ooJola basuka kooMpondo. Nalapho ndingavuya ba ndinofumana ingcaciso. Ndiyabulela

  95. Gwedlana says:

    Ndicela ukwazi ngamaTshonyane nendlela adibana ngayo nesizwe samaBomvana? Ndifumanek apha

  96. Nonkie says:

    Molweni, ndicela ukwazi ukuba uQwmbi yena uzala bani, uthini xa ezithutha? Ungathumela Enkosi

  97. Solomzi says:

    I dubeni solomzi. Khaningenelele ndibawela ukwazi eyethu imvelephi.. Singo mbona..gastyeketya. Mashugu. Chiligazi ngempondo..ndibawla ingcambu iphela

  98. Solomzi says:

    I dubeni solomzi. Khaningenelele ndibawela ukwazi eyethu imvelephi.. Singo mbona..gastyeketya. Mashugu. Chiligazi ngempondo..ndibawla ingcambu iphela……reply via

  99. Nako says:

    Mandizibulisele kuni nonke mzi wakwaxhosa mna Ndilibhelekazi

    Ndicela ukwazi ngaMandlane sisiduko sikamakhulu wam umama katata kutwa bakuTsolo andazi ke indawo uba yeyipi pa , kodwa mna ndisuka emtata ndingavuya kakulu uba ndinga xhumana nabo kwaye bakona abantakwabo tata kunye nodadewabo intenayo andibazi. Umakhulu ke wayetshatele emabheleni okhuboni langa lokulunga

  100. MAZOE says:

    Ndiyabulisa kulomzi ndicela imvelaphi nezithakazelo zo MPINGE,MAWAWA

  101. Anele says:

    Ndifuna uyazi imvelaphi yamu…Ndingu ndzotho,onyelenzi,maphango ifani yamu nguMangesi.

  102. Mvuleni says:

    Mna ndingumCirha, Emvakokuba uCirha woyiswe nguChawe,kwenzeka ntoni ngaye.uChawe wabufumana ubukhosi,icacile leyo khawukhe ungene kanzulu aphakwesika cirha isizukhulwana.

  103. Zamkele Zwide says:

    Mna ndinguMpinga,uZwide ifani.Ndithanda ukwazi ngamampinga la,nesduko.

  104. Monde says:

    Ndicela ukwazi imvela phi yamaBongo, ooSondisa, kunye neziduko zabo

  105. Sokupha says:

    Ndizibulisele kuni nonke ngokuzithoba mathole ndini amnyama. Mna ndingu Sango, uNzitha, Unyandeni, uMnungwana. Eyona nto isasibambe ngentamo pha kwelakhaya kuba sisecaleni kukwazi ngalendlu yakwaSokupa elapha phantsi koSango. Kuqala kufuna ukwazi ngoSokupa lo kuba ivele iqhawuke ibhobhile sisamamele. Okwesibini kuba ke siphantsi koBhaca apha kuXhosa, Bhaca lowo ebefikele emXhoseni, wasikelwa umhlaba yinkosi yamaXhosa ngeloxesha. Siyabawela ke ukwazi ukuba ebeluluphi uhlanga uSango phambi kokuba afike kumhlaba womXhosa. Sibuphikisana kakhulu ngalenyewe kuba kuvela uMzulu, Mswati noNdebele andazi ukuba masise eyiphi komkhulu. Ndiyazi ke ukuba isithele kakhulu, kodwa ononcedo angancedisa. ungandiba ecaleni ku Enkosi.

  106. Lutho says:

    help my clan name is Mnkabane, Jeke, Mthi wembotyi….. and i cant go on please email me at luthando.poni(at)

  107. i lwandile hlati from cacadu u bhayi ukhetshe ogwaca vundle

  108. Sibabalo says:

    Molweni kuni nonke, I love the article! Kumandi ukhe wazi imvelaphi yakho kuze nawe uzo’fundisa abantwana bakho nezi zukulu. Ndingu kwalo, ncuthu, sohobese. Mlanjane…bendicela ukwazi nge mvelaphi yase Mazangweni, bakhe baba nabo ubu khosi nga’phambili? Singama Thembu okanye ama Gcaleka…? Kunye ne mvelaphi yo Rhadebe, nobu khosi (mama wam ngu rhadebe), ifhani yam ngu Dyantyi. Ndiya’cela umntu ono’lwazi ngo Ncuthu no Rhadebe andi’ncede. Email

  109. camagu sizwe esimnyama ndiyabulela ngalomlando wesizwe sakwaxhosa nam ndicela umntu onolwazi ngevelaphi amazumbe .ngcwina .ndodi.siqwephu ndiphelele apho ndicela uncedo uqgityezelelwa apho ndishiye khona camagu.

  110. T. Vandala says:

    Ndicela ukwaz ngembali yama Thunzi

  111. Hi please help i wnant to know where does nqarhwane people feature in this lineage where do they fall. Also the chwerha, vimbane, mhlahlane where do they feature. My mother is from the nqarhwane and my father is from the chwerha. My cell no is 083 7900 307

  112. MADIDA says:

    Thnx for the info abt amatshawe i realy needed it thnx alot

  113. Chumani Manyanesa says:

    this is very informative and educational, I find it very interesting and knowledgable and it makes me more proud of being a Xhosa and know where I come from. I would like to get information on amaNgqila clan, who they are and where they come from and where you would find them now

  114. Chumani Manyanesa says:

    yho I am vry fascinated with ol ths information, nam ndingathanda uzasisa ndingu Chumani Manyanesa (female) ndingu mamGcina,utyopo,unokwindla Xhamela, bt wat confuses me is tht utata uthi bangaba Sotho basuka eWelkom, mna ke ndizalwa ngu mamNgqila,oonyathi,omaqatha alkhuni,ohlamba ngobubende xa be researcher bt abazazi kebona imvelaphi yabo which is wat I wud lyk 2 find out plz help

  115. Ayanda says:

    Ndicela izithutho zama Ndzotho/izibongo kunye neRINGTONE YAWO XA KUKHALA IFOUN YAM….NDIKHWAZWE NDIBAMBE NDZOTHO

    • Themba Ngada says:

      Lol andikayazi iringtone undiphe wakuyifumana Ndzotho Nyelenzi, Maphango, Ngqume, Hebebe, Ngxale, Mgqwetho, Gxugxa, Manyikana, Dukashe, Mkhiva, Xhob’iyakayaka, Tshuntshu,,,

  116. simamkele Mfanta says:

    Ndiyazibulisela mna ndingu Simamkele wakwa Mfanta,umadlomo isiduko,ndirhalele ukwazi ngezindlu zakwa dlomo ngobuncinci bazo kunye ne fani zazo,ngoba ndiva ukubqa le yethu yeyokugqibele xa ndiva imbali yethu

  117. Fikiswa says:

    Cela uncedo nagmaxesibe where did thy come from

  118. Buntu says:

    Molweni Bantu abakhulu, ndicela ukukwazi ngembali yoNdlovu zidlekhaya ngokuswela abelusi, oMalunga, Mntungwa, oGengesi

  119. Lunga Putuma says:

    NdingumXhosa u Bhanqu,Mdumane,Ndize,Langa,Bobese,Mbona wamaNtshilibe Tribe i would like to know more of my family tree i have stumbled through the site with no succession of my family tree,any help please?????

  120. ntando says:

    No comment speechless

  121. delisile nikelo says:

    Molweni nto zakuthi mna Delisile ndizalwa yintombi yakwaNikelo engatshatanga,utata wam ingumZulu u Maphumulo. Ithi into kanye kanye mna ndingowakuliphi cala mZulu or mXhosa?

  122. mluleki w mago says:

    Ndicela ubulisa kuqala kumntu wonke,ndingu nyana emzi wamantshilibe,ooqhanqo,oolanga,mdumani.nam ndicela ukufumana ngolwazi lwesisi duko sasekhaya imvelaphi yaso.ikhaya lisengcobo kumda waku mbanga.

  123. siyabonga says:

    Ndicela undichazele ngamanqarhwane BA asukaphi

  124. ZK Zikali says:

    okanye mawethu anazi ncwadi endingazikhangela na,eziveza umlando wamaxesibe?

  125. Jabulani says:

    Intle ntozakuthi, mna ndifuna ukwazi ukuba OOgatyeni, oondondale basukaphi? bengamagcaleka nje

  126. Banele Mgidi says:

    Niyabulisa ngokungazenzisiyo!! Mandithi huntshu kuleBlog ngokutyebisa ulwazi ngemveli yomlisela nomthinjana wendlu yakwaXhosa. NdinguNdlovu edla ekhaya ngokuswela umalusi, ndicela uncedo apha ngoNdlovu, ngoba ngamatyeli ndiye ndifumanise abantu besithi ndinguDlamini, ingaba idibana njani into kaNdlovu noDlamini?

  127. Nobuntu says:

    inika umdla kakhulu lengcazelo ngakumbi kuthi lutsha kuba asiyazi mvelaphi yethu sithi sibuza kwabangaphezulu kuthi basixelele incaza engaphelelanga kuzobanzima kuba nathi sixelele abaza emva kwethu Ndicela undichazele ngemvelaphi yoDlamini Oozizi Ontsiba Chobe rhadu

  128. sanele vanto says:

    ndicela imvelaphi ngamangxongo nokuhlobana kwawo kwa dlomo ,ndikwacela amangxongo ake athuthwe kakuhle ke ndive uba uda uqala phi uphele phi.


  129. Onele fokwana says:

    Onele =Mqwathi dikela nono ntswayibani

  130. daniel says:

    Yo,Yoo, yaze ya mnandi lento Le !,i am Qayiso, Umpemvu Ujali,born apha esilungwini.kodwa i feel so greate the way Amaxhosa interact using this greate language ! at some stage i feel that the Xhosa-speaking people are being undermined badly, firstly, Inkosi Dalindjebo status is at stake and He is the son of Sabata the king of the AbaThembu,who are we to question his status, Inkosi Zwelithini, can we really question his status ? sis, siyadelelwa apha izwe likaXhosa ! Watch out Maxhosa !

  131. ludwe says:

    Khanikhe nisityebisele ngevelaphi yamakhwemnte kunye no chira.

  132. ntombizikhona says:

    Bhotan bantakwethu,
    mna ndinguMamqoma xa ndiznqula ndithi
    ndingu Mqoma uSigqo uNyohela uNtomntwana ingabanoboya yeyamadoda uNaba nd’kwenze ithole lomthwa UHALA
    ndingathanda ukuba nindincede ngembali yabantu bakuthi,imvelaphi kunye nomnombo wonke wabo and also how are we related to Hala and Chief Maqoma
    Ndovuyiswa kukuva kuni bantakwethu

    camagu zinkos!!!!

  133. Nompafane says:

    NdinguNompafane intombi yakwaDeyi,ndicela ukwazi ngomnombo wakwaDeyi,ndiva ngathi mninzi uDeyi pha eTsomo.

  134. Thandile Alex Ntombana says:

    Bhuti ndicela ukwazi nge ntsusa yase Mancotsheni ondala o momane kunye nama yirha plz

  135. where does september surname come from please help i need to know isiduko

  136. Ntutu Sontlaba says:

    NdinguNtuthu Sontlaba ndinomdla wemvelaphi yamaZotsho kuthwa ayesuka phesheya kweNciba. Mna ndazi ukuba ndinguZotsho, Manci, Tyani, Mdumo, Gabhela uNontshatsha ndazi ukuba ndiyazalana nooDeyi noXolo.

  137. thandilizwe dlakadla says:

    This article is helpful but it doesn’t really says anything about AMAMFENGU and their leaders

  138. samuel skhosana says:

    mina ndifuna ukwazi ukuba uskhosana nojali bahlangana kanjani because abantu bakwaskhosana kuthiwa majali?

  139. Capie says:

    Ndifuna imbali kamqwambe

  140. Vusi ka Mlawu says:

    Ndifuna imbali nga Makwayi nceda mnta kwethu?

  141. Vusi ka Mlawu says:

    Ndifuna imvelaphi ya Makwayi

  142. joseph wade. says:

    Very informatave

  143. Liyema Mcuba says:

    NdinguLiyema Mcuba. Ndicela ukwazi ngamaGiqwa.

    Kwaye ingaba siphuma kula Mhlaba waseGcuba na ngokuba kukho ilali ekuthiwa kuse Mchubakazi (ifani yam) kwakunye nenye ilali ekuthiwa kuse Mguquka ( uMguquka mgutamkhulu wam ozala utata)


  144. ncumisa says:

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  145. Ta-Mtye says:


    Ngunyana ka-Mbamba lo, OoThangana, Krila, Bhodlinja, njalo njalo! Into edala ukuba ndibhale, bendingathatnda ukufumana ulwazi olupheleleyo ngesisiduko nentsusa yaso. Ndingathanda ukwazi nendlela abenza ngawo amasiko awo. Abantu abadala abakhoyo ndiyaba qaphela ngamagqithala kwaye izinto bazenza isilungu! Ifani yam ngu Hermaans

  146. Hokwana says:

    Ngokukhulu kona ukuzithoba, ndiyabhotisa.
    Mna ndingu Hokwana ifani, uMncotshe, uNdala ka Momane. Bendicela ukuncedwa ngengcambu yaMancotshe.


  147. bonnie says:

    Intle lento ndiyibona apha. Niqhubeke ngalomsebenzi mhle.

  148. phalomanyi says:

    Reblogged this on inconspicious and commented:
    where my name was derived from

  149. vuyisile romeolous cirha says:

    I was born and raised egauteng. All I know is utatomkhulu tens uvela sayings. I wish to know more about o virus.

  150. vuyisile romeolous cirha says:

    Sorry about my dictionary sp. My family is from qhumga, n NGO cirha. Would like to know more about my family.

  151. sonia says:

    Ndicela ukwazi ngono zulu

  152. Thembisa says:

    I found this read so informative and interesting,thank you.

    I feel I know more about my tribe and our clan names/origins etc.

  153. Thembisa says:

    I have a question though and if anyone can assist me, please feel free to comment.

    My surname is Jawula, apparently we are from Kenton On Sea (Port Alfred).. I often find myself being questioned by elders asking me where the surname “Jawula” comes from. See even though we are oDlamini oJama kaSjadu I don’t know where our surname comes from.

    Always been curious cause my family is the only ‘Jawula’ I know.

    Surnames may not be as important as clan names but am still curious.


  154. loyiso mabongo says:

    thats great love it..ndcela kwazi nje mvelaphi yamangxongo

  155. somila says:

    ndatsho ndawabona kengoku lomnombo waluhlanga lwam. kodwa ndingathanda ukwazi banzi ngesi sam isiduku, Amabamba Oothangana ngoba xa ndizinqula kukho ledawo ithi “sihlobo sika ngcaleka” ndifuna ukwazi nobobuhloba baqalanjani.

  156. Bongani magajana says:

    Inikisa umdla kakulu lengxelo bendicela imvelaphi yamabongo, ombuyisa, osondisa, omathobela, omvuemnyama, ondima, okhoza, osgodi, omaloyi. Camagu!

  157. Ackswasecala says:

    Khanindicacisele mna ngo Mphosile mzi ontsundu.! Mna ndingu Mphosile, u Gamede u Msikaba qhaa andiyazi ncam ncam uba kuqhubekantoni kwesisiduko sam sinqabileee nemvelaphi yaso.!

  158. Nomathemba Mhala says:

    Camagwini, ntozakuthi. Ooyini ingcakciso eshwankathele kangaka. Phambili bontswayibana. Ndingomnye wabatshaba ngoba ootatomkhulu bavela kwelasefreistati e Heinemann bengafuni kuphathwa ngamabhulu nengcinezelo yawo. Bade baphelela kwe lase Bophuthatswana kodwa umkhondo ndiwufumene, enkosi maRharhabe. Igama nguNomathemba Mhala eCarletonville ndiphangela elibrary yalapho. Ndakusoloko ndifunda nzulu ngesizwe sakuthi. Halaala ngamaQwathi.

  159. Vuyokazi says:

    Molweni bethuna umna ndinguVuyokazi, umamNtande, uDlomo, uSophitsho, uYem yem, uNgubengcuka, uVele bambhentsele……….Ndicela ukwazi ukuba amaNqarhwane azithutha njani. Ndiyabulela

  160. ophola sontundu says:

    Ndicela ukwazi mna malunga noMagwaza uyinton apha kwsXhosa

  161. luthando jodwana says:

    i would like to know more about, my root as im a nguni self.

  162. Lizo says:

    Mandibhotise ngalenjikalanga. Ndicela usincede ngokusichazela okanye isikhombise apho sinokufumana khona imbali ngaMabomvana. Ndincedisana nentombi encinci endicelileyo ndiyiphandele olulwazi.


  163. Vuyani "Thandisizwe" Mnyango says:

    I want to know why Chief Mnyango who is a son of King Sandile located in Qombolo village in Kentane?

    Do you have a PDF format of this information?

    Where can I get this information because I need it?

  164. Mthuthuzeli says:

    Ndicela ubuza imvelaphi yamantsilibe mna nezinqulo zawo

  165. daniel says:

    Molweni kee sizwe sikaXhosa., mnake isiXhosa asikho tu, kodwa ndiyasithanda kakhulu, Ndizalwa kaQayiso,nguMpemvu,Ujali,ndicela ke undiphe imvelaphi yaMampemvu ooJali, nezithuthi zabo,laMampemvu ingathi bahlukene, ngokuthi kuno ‘sgcawu esimdaka sinoboya” nabathi balala nezi nyamazana, yiitsho ! , mtakwethu,ndizazi kancono ! Daniel Qayiso
    ,Ndinithanda nonk’emakhaya .

    • Xolelwa Toons says:

      Botani mzontsunsu MNA ndingu Mazikhali uTiyeka uMabomba Ubhizane Ubutsolo Bentonga…..ndinomnqweno wakwazi uba thina siphuma kweyiphi Clan ? Kudala ndibhadula ndingafumani zimpendulo……


      Xolelwa Ntlokwana

  166. Sisanda Tanale says:

    ndiyabhotisa mzi kaPhalo ndiyacamagusha zizwe zomthonyama ndiyanqula ndiyathandaza zizukulwane zabantu abalelukuthula, ndicela uncedo olukhulu ngesizwe esi samaMpemvu,ooJali, OoNtlontlo Oomkhandoshe oWele OoNkomozibomvu, abanye ke basifaka sifaneleke besoyamisa kakulu kulomzi wamaNtlotshane OoQhudeni ooMaqath’alukhuni……mna ke ndingowalendlu yamaMpemvu leke ndiye ndive ngathi iyadukiswa xa ijwilwa ide ithi qithatha kwelo lebhanana ngamanye amaxesha ngamanye sibhunyulwe sinyothulwe ilungelo lobuXhosa ngelithi siyilomidukwa ingenangcambu zandeleyo apha kwaXhosa. Ndicela uncedo nam ndibuza njengawe mntanegazi wena Qayiso…..sincedeni ukuba ninolwazi ngalomzi weziziswenya zothando nobuntu ngoba amaxesha amaninzi ndibabona bezinkcakuba ekuqaqambiseni lamanqaku

  167. Noluthando Diniso says:

    Molweni. Mna ndifunukuqonda ngamaTshawe athi xa ezibonga angamaGqunukwebe,oobottoman ngubezibomvu…ahluke njani kwamanye amaTshawe . Zingaphi izibongo zamaTshawe kanti, zahlukene? kwaye zithini?

  168. Ndiyabhotisa kuni nonke,
    Ndicela umntu onolwazi ngefani yakwa Mbaligontsi esiduko sayo singu-Ntonga, Jokazi phaya eFlagstaff akhe andixelele umnombo neziduko zabantu bakwa-Mbaligontsi.

  169. SANDILE says:

    Mna ndicela ukwazi ngesisi duko sama Dala oMilwa Khawuta UTsiwo u Gcaleka

  170. Xolelwa Toons says:

    Botanical mzontsunsu MNA ndingu Mazikhali uTiyeka uMabomba Ubhizane Ubutsolo Bentonga…..ndinomnqweno wakwazi uba thina siphuma kweyiphi Clan ? Kudala ndibhadula ndingafumani zimpendulo……


    Xolelwa Ntlokwana

  171. ZK Zikali says:

    Ndiyabhotisa mzi kaPhalo, ndicela khe nindilandele amaQoco – ooZikhali, ooJojo, ooTiyeka, ooButsolo Beentonga, ooMabombo, ooMbizana, khe ndive ukuba olu lwazi ndinalo ngabo endaluchutyelwa ngutatomkhulu wam alukhabani nolwenu na, khanivele maQoco nawe ndlu kaXhosa

  172. mdu says:

    Anyone knwz izithakazelo zama kwayi

  173. Makhwalo says:

    Ithini EyamaZangwa

  174. Sisonke says:

    Ndicela ukwaziswa ngooDlomo, dlundlu, ngqelu, sibhushwana

  175. B.Mqwambi says:

    Mna ndingu Mqwambi, Holomi ndiyaphela apho ndiyeva ke ukuba naye uzalwa ngu Nkosiyomntu
    utata kaTshawe ndicela ukwazi umnombo wakhe please I m desperate help

  176. mpumelelo tyesi says:

    molweni mzikantu imnandi lento ndiyibona apha mna ndingu M Nkayi umThunzi isiduko endicela owaziyongaso andilandele esisiduko sam esithi xabezithutha ngo nkayi opepepe uhompo qabelweni onjifile nezinye

  177. Rana Yandisa says:

    Hello writer. I’m Rana Yandisa from Libode, here wish to assist with my clan name. Yes indeed I have little information about it…. I wish I could assist the young generation that comes after me.

  178. Mphako says:

    ndicela nindilandise ngemvelaphi yamaGadluma nezindlu zawo

  179. Thembela Ciliwe says:

    mna ndicela ukwazi ngamantinde ukuba aye based phi aphae Eastern Cape…kwaye nama zangwa, oncuthu okhwalo.. ukuba ungaphina umlando wabo

  180. LUMKA NTOYI says:

    Mna ndandingayazi uba ifani yami uNtoyi is part of the AbaThembu clan until such time that I had clan names of Tatu Madiba being receited on his funeral. It gives me great pride to be part of a clan of such great people.

    • Enye Imbali Ngomngxongo ukongeza ku mnuzana Thembelani njengoko imabli yabaThembu isitsho masiqale ekuqaleni .Abathembu baphuma Great Lakes as ABAMBO.Umntu abatsala kuye imbali phambi kokuba baze emzantsi Afrika nguZwide hayi lo wakwa Ndwadandwe KwaZulu mncinci lowo UZwide wazala uMbulali lowa wathatha abaThembu wabasa Emsinga kwangekabikho sizwe samaZulu ke ngoko singaboqala ukufikela kula ndawo salandelwa ngoMkhize nabo bengaBAMBO .Umbulali yena wazala uThembu lowa thatha abaThembu wabasa eDedesi eMpuma koloni. Yena wazala uMvelase ooQudeni kunye no Ndilo. OoMvelase ngaba baphinda babuyela kwaZULU eMsinga lento ibenza babengaMazulu emva kokubethwa nguTshaka.Masiye kunombo kaNdilo yena washiyeka noyise Uthembu.Yena uzele Udunakazi or Ntongakazi ,yena azale uBhomoyi kwindlu enkulu ,kunye Mpemvu OoJALI,no Qoma ,Ncotshe noMndlane .Masiye ku Bhomoyi yena uzele uCeduma yena wazala Umnguti. Mnguti wazalauNtoyi kwindlu enkulu ,ekunene wazala umngxongo .Nali ibali ke lembambano uNtoyi ithi imbali wayengazalwa yentombi yasebukhosini lonto yenza ukuba uMngxongo njengonina ozalwa kubokhosi bamaMpondomise abenguye ongayinkosi nangokuxaswa nguyise uMnguti .Kuthiwa ke kwenziwa ke iqhinga lokuba uMngxongo makayoma Engcobo esiGubudwini apho wayalelwa ukuba anike Amaxesibe umhlaba la namhlanje kuthiwa ngaMaqwathi ,kungesosithuba ke kwathathwa uMnguti wayophiswa eMBHASE nezinja zakhe ezimbini .Yiyolanto amNgxongo qho ngoSeptember aya emBhashe ukuyonqula uyise .Kule mpixwano ke ooDlomo abamkelekanga kephaya ngoku nabo inguykhokho wabo .Nangoku ke amanye amaNgxongo akakwakeli ubukhulu boMadiba ngenxa yesosiganeko.Umngxongo yena uzeleUmposesebeni yena wazala uNgubhana naye ozele uTubana yena ozele uThukwayo yena wazala uNgxixo mandiyiyeke apho Bathembu ukuba kukho umbuzo ndawuva ngani

  181. Khanyisile Dyantyi says:

    Molweni! Mna Ndingu Khanyisile ndizalwa yintombi yakwa Nkwali,Bukula,Nkwali ye nkosi, utata wam engu Mkwayi, Ngconde,Togu,ubulawu, Ngcond’oneentshaba! Ndiyaziqhenya ngababantu bobabini.

  182. mandithini lawrence ketye says:

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  183. Mbongeni Faltein says:

    Ndiyabulisa MaTshawe

    Mina ngizalelwe eNewcastle. Ngicela ukuhlanganiswa nezihlobo zakithi. Utata wami nguNtiyane John ifani yakhe babiza uFalteni.
    Utata wakhe enngathi uVeshiwo. Udadobawo yena uTozane wayeganele kwaMngwevu. Kwathi xa esweleka uMngwevu utata wami walanda udadobawo wambuyisa eNewcastle ngawo1976.
    Waze wasweleka utata ngo1990. Udadobawo yena wasweleka ngo2012 eneminyaka engu112. Bekungathike bebebuya eCofimvaba.
    Udadobawoke ubeke athethe ngomunye umkhuluwe wabo athi uyise kaSbovula omunye athi uyise kaNoraru. UNoratu yena ungumama kaZuko. Kanti ukhona umkhuluwe wethu okuthiwa uke waba eGauteng eAlexander e4 or e6. Yenake uMtuyo ngambona ixesha elincinci azange ndiphinde ndimbone.
    Inkosazane katata uNoluluse Joice Faltein olekelwa uNozenza.
    Ngibhala yonke lemininingwane nje ngifuna onolwazi ngalabantu asisize ukuze sitholane nabafowabo bakatata ikakhulu ngoba angazi ukuthi ngingabafumana kanjani.

  184. mnikza says:

    Ndibulise ngokuzithoba bantu abahle.

    NguNdila lo, uNyezile, Qangaza kaWongqili (siqhubeleke). Ngokozalwa, ndingumfana wa kwaNdlovu ifani, Ndisazi sinqabile isiduko sakuthi esi. Bendicela unabiselwa ngabo banolwazi oluthe vetshe nga maNdila nemvelaphi yawo baphendule.


  185. Bonakele ngxuthu says:

    Can u pls help me ngesiduko samaQoco ngobani bazalwa ngobani and their history pls

  186. Bonakele ngxuthu says:

    Can u pls help me ngesiduko samaQoco and their history pls

  187. Bonakele ngxuthu says:

    Can u pls help ngesiduko samaQoco

  188. Dumisa January says:

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  191. siphumze says:

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  192. Mbuyiselo Mlungwana says:

    Hi Bendicela uncedo (ngoMlungwana, Nobhula, Skhonde, Thabo, etc……) andazi ziqhubeka ithini. Kuthiwa babevela kuQumbu;

  193. Ginger Sajini says:

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  195. Ginger Sajini says:

    Ndiyabulela kakhulu kuwe Mthetheleli Hlabisikhumba(Vellem) ngokundazisa ukuba uKhekile ongumTshawe ukanti uzalwa nguMgigi undilandele kakuhle ndatsho ndawazi umnombo wam ncakasana ukuba uJinja(Ginger) uzalwa nguTsetse ozalwa ngu Sajini ozalwa nguKrwentshula(Msweli) ozalwa nguSombetye ozalwa nguKhekile ozalwa nguMgigi ozalwa nguSomadobo ozalwa nguTyibo ozalwa nguMlunjwa ozalwa nguHaha ozalwa nguMkhomazi ozalwa nguPhalela ozalwa nguTogu ozalwa nguSikhomo ozalwa nguNgcwangu ozalwa nguTshawe.SingamaGcaleka;amaTshawe;amaXhosa ngokwenene.

  196. athenkosi flepu says:

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  197. Lungisani Toyiya says:

    Camagu nto zakuthi what a great beautiful nice infomation i would like to knw more ngo Qhinebe Qgu Qgu Qgu oooDuka namahlathi Mkhomazi. pls
    my name is Lungisani Toyiya

  198. lwanda says:

    Nam ndivmelana nawe xawusithi siphuma eLusuthu kumhlaba kakuthiwa Ntsoana-Tsatsi apho sasizi Kumkani khona kwangenela amalawu nezinye ezizwe zaba kwena saphulukana nobuKumkani bethu,ahla ke ayongena ebathenjini apho abanobukhosi khona .AmaVundle aye ohlukana ke apha kwakhona izindlu zakwaBhayi, AmaKhumpheni,AmaVulane ,AmaThuse kanye Nama Ngqosini lana yindlu yakwa Bhayi.

    Amanye ayoku ngene eswazini apho bathi ngo Sokhulu(Iziduko zamaHlubi). Mna Ndingu Vundle sayo kungena ebathenjini eCacadu.
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  199. lwanda says:

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    UMasilo I wazala uMalope; uMalope ke yena wazala uMohurutse, kunye noKwena, noMkhatla. AbaTaung ke bona baphuma kule ndlu kaMohurutse unyana omkhulu kaMalope I. UMohurutse wazala uMotebele ononyana esingalaziyo igama lakhe kunye nesizukulwana esinye naso esingalaziyo igama laso.

    Lo mzukulwana kaMotebele wazala uLezani, yena owazala uGitjie kwindlu yokuqala noTlopo kwindlu yesibini. UGitje noTlopo bavelise izizukulwana ezibini ekuthiwa ngabaFokeng. Nantsi inzala kaGitje, wazala uSegungela; uSegungela wazala uMzale; uMzale wazala uJembe; uJembe wazala uGuanca; uGuanca wazala uBhayi; uBhayi wazala uNgopheni; uNgopheni wazala uNgobozi; uNgobozi wazala uTjale; uTjale wazala uStockoe; uStockoe wazala uVova; uVova wazala uMama. UTlopo yena nantsi inzala yakhe, wazala uMare; uMare wazala uNtsikoe; uNtsikoe wazala uSefiri; uSefiri wazala uKata; uKata wazala uMolise; uMolise wazala uNtahle; uNtahle wazala uSeephephe; uSeephephe wazala uMatete; uMatete wazala uSetha; uSetha wazala uBernard ophile kulaa minyaka yowe-1866.

    Aba bantu kuthiwa ngabeSuthu bakaMfukweni kodwa bathi bakwaywa ngabeSuthu bagxothwa baya kuwa kubaThembu, isizathu kungokuba inkosi yaba bantu yathi yazeka umThwakazi. Ngeso sizathu loo nto ayizange yamkelwe baze bagxothwa baya kungena kubaThembu. Abantwana baloo nkosi baphosaniswa nokulawula ngenxa yolu gxotho. Izilwanyana zamavundla ngumvundla nokhetshe. Kaloku kubeSuthu abantu besiduko ngasinye banesilwanyana okanye nantoni na esendalweni ababizwa ngayo.

    Aba bantu baphuma eLusuthu abanye bathabathe la mihlaba: eyaseKomani, eyaseNgqamakhwe nooTsomo neDutywa. Abanye baya kuwa eNgcobo emaQwathini. Abanye nabo eMount Frere. Aba bantu banezindlu ngezindlu.

    UNgculu, S.P. ubhala athi kwinqaku lo ‘Umthunywa’ lenyanga ka-Epreli ngowe-1961. “AmaVundle ayekhe ehla ngapha eLusuthu eza ngasemaXhoseni nasebaThenjini aya kumisa ngaseMthatha. Ingcwaba likaMkhupheni likwezoNtaba zoMbholompo. Kanti ke amanye amadoda obukhosi aphindela kwaseLesotho eMjanyana eQuthing, apho akhona ngoku. Ngesithuba awayelapha eMthatha kwehla intlekele yeMfazwe phakathi kwendlu enkulu kaVundle nokunene uNcilashe owaziwa nangokuba nguMvulane. Umlo wabo wenza ukuba baqhekekane kubekho amaVundle namaMvulane.”

    UNgculu uphinde ahambise athi kwakweli phephandaba ‘Umthunywa’: “UVundle uzele uBhayi inkulu, kunye noMvulane noMkhumbeni noMngqosini kwindlu enkulu, ibe nguJileka ekunene. KuBhayi ke kuphuma uSiqungele, ozala uSazana ozala uMacodoma ozala uMsali ozala uZembe.

    Kwakhona kukhona amasebe apha, kuba uZembe uzele uGwaca inkulu, noJalamba noMlu noNgcwele noNdwele; nakuGwaca kukho amasebe, kuba uzala uKhetshe wakuloFola noNtlangaza, noNgonyama. UKhetshe uzala uMadiba, ozala uMtsokoba ozala uMkhupheni ozala uGobozi, ozala uTyhali inkulu, noMatyobeni, noNkosana, noSomxu, noSidlayiya. Eqadini nguMvulane. UTyhali ke yena uzele uStokhwe, ozele uVova, ozele uMama kwindlu enkulu.

    UJackson, A.O. ubukhosi bamaVundle ubulanda ngolu hlobo: “UVundle uzala uSenzani; uSenzani uzala uMacodoma; uMacodoma uzala uMsali; uMsali uzala uGwaca; uGwaca uzala uKhetshe; uKhetshe uzala uMkhupheni; uMkhupheni uzala uNtsokoba; uNtsokoba uzala uGobhoza; uGobhoza uzala oonyana abathathu: UTyhali, uBhebheza, uMatyobeni.UTyhali uzala uSitokhwe; uSitokhwe uzala uVova (aba bantu bafumaneka eLusuthu). UBhebheza uzala uMavela; uMavela uzala uNtontolo; uNtontolo azale uSithubeni; uSithubeni azale uBhazabhaza (BaseHeshele). UMatyobeni uzala uKhala; uKhala uzala uZwelibanzi; uZwelibanzi uzala uSidumo (bakuQumbu).” Xa ke besiqhuba uphando sifumene ezinye zezindlu zamaVundle ezezi zilandelayo: AmaLowe; AmaNyosi; AmaKhumbeni; OomKhupheni; AmaNgculu; OoMqhwa; AmaNgqosini (nawo ayenye yezindlu zamaVundle ngokwemveli); OoKayise; AmaVundle akwaHegu; AmaVundle akwaSokhulu; AmaVundle akwaGqojana; AmaVundle akwaBhebheza; AmaVundle akwaMatyobeni, AmaVundle akwaKhetshe, AmaVundle akwaMona, AmaVundle akwaMacodoma, AmaVundle akwaDenge, AmaVundle akwaKrwebeda, namanye.

    Onke la maVundle angentla xa ebongwa kuthiwa: Singamabandla kaVundle, kaMsuthu, kaYebusi, kaMaboro, kaSuthu, kaMfukweni, kaBhayi, kaSiqungele, kaSezana, kaMsali, kaMacodoma, kaMadiba, Nto zikaGobhozi, Bhayi kaKhetshe kaGwaca, kaMlu, kaFola wakuloKhetshe, kaZembe lokugawula ubulawu bokuhlamba amaVundle, elingenakuphathwa ngumfazi onechanti, kuba uya kushwabana, Ngabakwatsili leenyosi elingenakuphakulwa ngamadoda athakathayo, Amadoda aneemfene nomamlambo, Kuba zakuwasuzel’iinyosi, Ade asuzelwe nangamagumasholo zona nyosi zingenalwamvila, Amabandla enyoka enkulu emnyama yomthombo womlambo omkhulu, Umlambo omkhulu ongawelwayo iGqili, Owelwa sithi maVundle, Siwele sinqumle umsinga sisinge eCamsholo, Kwihlathi elinameva amhlophe, Ihlathi elingangenwa ngamagqwirha, Kanti nezithunzela ziyaloyika, Gobhozi,

    Inkosi esiyifumeneyo yamaVundle nguMhlekazi uPresly M. Bebeza owayeyinkosi yamaVundle. Wayongamele inqila eshwankathela uBhebheza, iTele engezantsi, iTele engentla neRooiwal.

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